Latest Publication

Guidebook of Imams and Religious Counselors outside the Islamic World ; (1440H/2018)

ISESCO Publications

Journalistic Genres: Keys to Professional Journalism ; (1438H/2016)

ISESCO’s new literacy vision ; (1437H/2016)

Action plan for the promotion of the role of Cultural Mediation in the Islamic world ; (1437H/2016)

Compatibility of Maqasid Al-Shariah (Finalities and Purposes of the Islamic Law) with International Legislation on Refugees ; (1435H/2014)

The Initiative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Dialogue among Followers of Religions and Cultures: Achievements and Future Prospects ; (1435H/2014)

Guidebook for History Textbooks Authors ; (1433H/2012)

Cultural Roles of Civil Society in the Promotion of Dialogue and Peace ; (1433H/2012)

Cultural Enterprises in the Member States ; (1433H/2012)

Practical Guide of the Risks of Cybercrime against Children ; (1433H/2012)

Nanotechnology and how it will affect the World ; (1432H/2011)

ISESCO Publications

The Image of Islam and of Muslims In Educational and Cultural Policies In Italy, France, Germany, UK, and Spain ; (1431H/2010)

Science and Technology Policies for Third World Countries ; (1431H/2010)

The Universality of Islam ; (1430H/2009)

Terrorism: Dimensions, Threats and Countermeasures ; (1429H/2008)

ISESCO Guide for the Incorporation of Reproductive Health and Gender Concepts into Islamic Education Curricula ; (1427H/2006)

New Muslims ; (1427H/2006)

Solar Assisted Drying Systems ; (1427H/2006)

ISESCO Publications

Human Genome : Social and Ethical Implications ; (1426H/2005)

Protection of Islamic and Christian Holy Sites in Palestine ; (1428H/2007)

The Languages of the Prophets and the Sources of the Divine Messages, Moses and Aaron – Jesus – Mohammad (Peace and Blessings be upon them) ; (1426H/2005)

Renewable Energy Technologies for Developing Countries ; (1426H/2005)

Islam and the West ; (1425H/2004)

The Islamic Architecture and its Specificities in Teaching Curricula ; (1424H/2003)

Architects of the Scientific Thought in Islamic Civilization ; (1424H/2003)

The life of the Prophet ; (1424H/2003)

Basic needs for Women Education ; (1423H/2002)

ISESCO Publications

How holy is PALESTINE to the Muslims ? ; (1423H/2002)

White Book on Dialogue among Civilizations ; (1423H/2002)

The Islamic World and the Sustainable Development ; (1423H/2002)

Islam as I came to know it, a Religion of Mercy and Peace ; (1422H/2001)

ISLAMIC ‘WAQF ENDOWMENT’ Scope and Implications ; (1422H/2001)

ISLAM: what it is ; (1422H/2001)

Transfer of Scientific Research Results To The Production Sector ; (1421H/2001)

Strategy of Islamic Cultural Action outside the Islamic World ; (1421H/2000)

ISESCO Publications

Ethical Implications Of Human Embryo Research ; (1421H/2000)

Gene Therapy The state of the Art ; (1421H/2000)

Dialogue from Islamic Point of View ; (1420H/2000)

Parental Education in the Islamic World ; (1421H/2000)

Islam between Truth and False Allegations ; (1420H/1999)

Environmental Studies some problems analyzed from the Islamic Point of View ; (1420H/1999)

A Study on Environmental Issues with Reference to the Quran and the Sunna ; (1420H/1999)

Islamic Perception of Child-Oriented Information ; (1420H/1999)

ISESCO Publications

Islamic Education between Tradition and Modernity ; (1419H/1998)

Reproductive Health in Islam ; (1419H/1998)

Flood Control in a Floodplain Country Experiences of Bangladesh ; (1418H/1997)

Earthquake Monitoring in Indonesia ; (1418H/1997)

Water Resources Management ; (1418H/1997)

Towards A Sound Awakening ; (1418H/1997)

Sculpture and the Making of Statues from the Islamic Point of View ; (1416H/1996)

Al-QODS Al Shareef ; (1415H/1995)

The Discipline of Religious and Wordly Matters ; (1415H/1995)

A Selected Collection of Drawings by Children from the Islamic World ; (1415H/1995)

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