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The Information, Documentation and Publishing Center consists of the following three specialized divisions: the Division of Information Technologies; the Division of Documentation, Publishing and Distribution; and the Division of Design and Printing.
The Center is one of the major organs and mechanisms that support the action of ISESCO in order to coordinate the elaboration of its plans and strategies and ensure consistency with the strategic goals of ISESCO’s statutory organs and conferences. It also seeks to update and develop ISESCO website which is the Organization’s window to the world through which ISESCO publicizes its mission and achievements and provides reliable information on Islam and Muslims and accurate reports and statistics on education, science and culture in the Member States. Other tasks of the Center include ensuring the maintenance and development of ISESCO’s equipments (hardware and software) and publicizing ISESCO’s action through disseminating and exchanging publications, research and studies that benefit the Member States and similar international and regional organizations and institutions. The Center, via its specialized units, is an integrated publishing house as it takes charge of the typing, design, page layout and printing processes. In addition, the Center is considered as the institutional memory of the Organization as it preserves ISESCO’s archives.

Division of Information Technologies
  • This Division undertakes the following tasks:
  • Collection, storage, analysis, processing and distribution of bibliographic and statistical data in the fields of education, science, culture and communication within Muslim countries and communities. Chief among its duties is:
  • Update and develop ISESCO website (;
  • Establish a specialized thematic network for electronic dissemination of data;
  • Ensure periodic edition, on electronic mediums, of data relative to education, science and culture in the Member States;
  • Plan and implement actions for the development of the data bank;
  • Computerize the public local content to allow access to information, hence to knowledge;
  • Establish cooperation relations with specialized institutions and international organizations in the field of statistical and bibliographic information;
  • Create websites or portals focusing on areas of competence for ISESCO;
  • Conduct studies and develop computer software;
  • Design, analyze and develop projects to be computerized;
  • Select and supervise the different computer software;
  • Negotiate with the parties concerned and follow up technical maintenance services;
  • Update and manage the operating systems of ISESCO computer equipment;
  • Organize trainings on computer science for the benefit of ISESCO staff members and local interns and others coming from the Member States;
  • Supervise continuing training and strengthening of capacities of the Organization’s staff members in the field of ICTs.
Division of Documentation, Publishing and Distribution
  • It discharges the following:
  • Contribute to publicizing the work of ISESCO through disseminating its publications, on an exchange or gift basis, and establish contact with cultural, documentation and research centres and universities to enquire about their needs and provide them with the required publications;
  • Ensure contact with information and documentation centres in order to take stock of and benefit from the latest documentation techniques;
  • Acquire publications, references and encyclopedias in order to enrich the library’s holdings;
  • Encourage exchange relations between the library and various documentation centres in the world;
  • Classify, catalog and index books in ISESCO’s three working languages, process them through the computer, then distribute them;
  • Classify, catalog and index periodicals received by ISESCO, and follow up ISESCO subscription to periodicals dealing with the educational, scientific, technical and cultural fields;
  • Store ISESCO’s archives since its inception, particularly as regards internal regulations, programmes and files on cooperation;
  • Select, index and catalog manuscripts;
  • Meet needs for books to be sold or offered, and contact publishing houses in order to publicize and market ISESCO’s publications;
  • Receive researchers and provide them with the necessary information;
  • Supervise the Organization’s archives through classifying, indexing and storing them on CDs.
Division of Design and Printing
  • It discharges the following:
  • Ensure typing, design and page layout of ISESCO publications in its three-working languages (Arabic, English and French);
  • Supervise the typing of the Organization’s internal official documents, particularly periodical reports, lists of competent parties, administrative decisions and notes;
  • Make computer graphics of ISESCO communication documents;
  • Ensure technical and administrative follow-up with external printing houses;
  • Prepare ISESCO publications as well as the working documents of conferences, symposia and meetings held by ISESCO as part of implementation of its programmes;
  • Print documents and books in the three working languages of ISESCO;
  • Ensure copying and print run of internal documents;
  • Prepare documents and other material by ISESCO for publication;
  • Manage the work of ISESCO’s digital printing house and ensure its smooth functioning under the supervision of the Head of the Centre.


Projects and Areas of involvement

Project one: Boosting the capacities of the human resources working in the fields of planning, follow-up and evaluation, and providing data and statistics in the Organization’s fields of action.
  1. Boosting the capacities of the human resources working at ISESCO and at the National Commissions in the fields of planning, follow-up and assessment through continuous training and the use of ICTs.
  2. Setting up unified statistics and databases in the Organization’s fields of action.
Project two: Promoting the use of information and communication technologies to develop the action of ISESCO and the competent parties in Member States.
  1. Promoting information and communication service delivery at ISESCO’s headquarters and web portal.
  2. Providing information and communication technologies support for the competent parties.
Project three: Strengthening the capacities of ISESCO’s human resources and provide electronic and computer equipment used in printing, documentation, publishing, and distribution.
  1. Upgrading the capacities of human resources in documentation, publishing and distribution.
  2. Keeping up with the advances in information technology through providing the most advanced equipment.

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