ISESCO Center for Promotion of Scientific Research


ISESCO Center for Promotion of Scientific Research (ICPSR), a specialized organ of ISESCO, is a center of excellence established at ISESCO headquarters in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, with the aim of promoting Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in ISESCO Member States.
Its mission is to promote the essential link between Research and Development (R & D), to strengthen scientific cooperation between ISESCO Member States, and to implement mechanisms for applying the strategies developed by ISESCO and adopted by Member States.
The priorities set out for the Centre consist of supporting ISESCO Member States’ policies of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) and strengthening R & D through various types of transfer (skills, knowledge and technology) with a view to making them a lever for growth and competitiveness in the marketplace and positively impacting youth employability.

Division of Support for Scientific Research
  • It is in charge of the following:
  • Act as a centre of excellence for collection and dissemination of high-quality innovative research results, scientific knowledge and useful technologies in the Islamic countries;
  • Grant scholarships and support scientific research;
  • Establish high-tech data banks, in order to disseminate suitable technologies in the Islamic countries;
  • Issue scientific research journals which publish advanced research and studies and other reports related to scientific research;
  • Award prizes and medals in recognition of excellence in scientific research;
  • Organize seminars, workshops, conferences and high-level specialized meetings, and engage in any other activity likely to promote scientific research.
Division of Knowledge Transfer
  • It is in charge of the following:
  • Promote advanced studies and scientific research in all fields of science and technology to achieve sustainable economic development in the Islamic countries;
  • Hold regular meetings, at ISESCO’s General Directorate, of prominent scientists, organize experts’ meetings, and establish networks of scientists in various fields of science and technology, the aim being to identify major obstacles to scientific research, stimulate knowledge transfer among Member States, and develop strategies and programmes tailored to the future needs of the Muslim world;
  • Identify priority areas for the promotion of high-tech fields, and provide assistance to the affiliated research institutions, and centres of excellence in the Islamic countries.

Projects and Areas of involvement

Project one: Supporting STI research strategies.
  1. Sponsoring activities aimed at making high profile young researchers more visible through publishing their scientific research and articles.
  2. Awarding an Excellence Prize for STI.
Project two: Promoting knowledge transfer-based Research & Development for greater youth employability.
  1. Promoting scientific research through the transfer of human capital.
  2. Capacity-building and follow-up to transfer activities of stakeholders (researchers, engineers and research engineers).
  3. Dissemination of a culture of transfer and innovation particularly benefitting Member States’ youth (training and awareness-raising).
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