Financial Controller
  • He shall, upon Director General’s directives, fulfill the following tasks:
  • Follow up on the Organization’s expenditures, monitor them, and seek to gradually apply the appropriate measures in the field of management and accounting;
  • Participate in preparing the estimated budget of ISESCO’s three-year plan in coordination with the various directorates, centres and divisions;
  • Ascertain the implementation of the budget’s items according to the priorities determined by the Director General in compliance with ISESCO’s Financial Regulations and within the framework defined by the General Conference and the Executive Council;
  • Contribute to the development of financial aspects in order to enhance performance and effectiveness;
  • Follow up on the recommendations and observations of ISESCO’s Financial Control Committee, make sure of their implementation, contribute to preparing for and following up on the Committee’s meetings, and facilitate its mission;
  • Follow up on the financial recommendations, proposals and observations issued by the Executive Council, in coordination with ISESCO’s competent parties, in order to implement them;
  • Perform any other tasks as may be entrusted to him by the Director General.

Division of Control and Internal Audit
  • It is in charge of the following:
  • Supervise internal control and auditing of the Organization’s income and expenditure;
  • Take stock of all accounting books and documents, and enquire any information he deems necessary to fulfill his tasks of the competent parties or staff;
  • Take stock of the contracts and agreements of financial nature in order to ensure proper enforcement thereof;
  • Make sure of the regular disbursement of scholarships granted to students within the framework of the action plans’ programmes, in addition to the fees of experts commissioned by ISESCO to perform specific tasks;
  • Assist the Financial Affairs, in particular through pre/post-monitoring of all expenditures and ascertaining of the availability of funds in the estimated budget.
Division of External Audit Coordination
  • It is in charge of the following:
  • Arrange for Financial Control Committee’s meetings and supervise the work of its Secretariat;
  • Coordinate external control of the Organization’s financial operations;
  • Review the documents and reports relating to the annual closing accounts prepared by the Financial Division and submitted by the Director General to the Executive Council and General Conference sessions;
  • Ensure coordination with the Audit Company in order to facilitate its mission, and ensure follow-up, with ISESCO’s competent parties, to the implementation of its recommendations and observations;
Division of Financial Data
  • It is in charge of the following:
  • Supervise establishment and follow-up to the Organization’s financial data;
  • Control the financial and accounting aspects of the work of committees entrusted with running the Medical Insurance Fund and the End-of-Service Allowance Fund;
  • Control expenditure from the long-term loan fund;
  • Check the financial matters relating to Member States’ contributions.


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