Directorate of the Director General’s Office

Functions of the Director

He shall fulfill the following functions :
  1. Follow up the implementation of the Director General’s instructions and directives;
  2. Coordinate and ensure follow-up to the activities of the Directorate of the Director’s General’s Office;
  3. Coordinate between the activities of the Directorate and those of the various directorates, services and divisions;
  4. Draw up regular reports on the activities of the Directorate;
  5. Prepare for the activities of the Director General inside and outside the Seat Country;
  6. Consider the files submitted by the various directorates, services and divisions before referring them to the Director General;
  7. Address and ensure follow-up to the matters which may be entrusted to him by the Director General where necessary.


Division of ISESCO Goodwill Ambassadors
  • It shall carry out the following tasks:
  • Supervise ISESCO Offices and Delegations operating outside the Seat Country, and ensure contact between them and the various Directorates, Services and Divisions of the Organization;
  • Prepare, in coordination with the various Directorates, Services and Divisions, the programmes and activities relative to ISESCO Goodwill Ambassadors.
Division of ISESCO Regional Offices And Delegations
Division of Legal Affairs
  • It shall discharge the following tasks:
  • Provide legal counsel on all matters submitted to it for consideration;
  • Provide directorates, services and divisions with the legal assistance needed for the implementation of their activities;
  • Consider the draft agreements, conventions and contracts which the Organization intends to conclude;
  • Prepare the legal documents relating to the sessions of the Executive Council and the General Conference;
  • Ensure follow-up to the matters relating to the Organization’s legal status and the privileges and immunities enjoyed by the Organization and its staff;
  • Ensure follow-up to the matters concerning the relations between the Organization and the Government of the Seat Country as provided for in the Seat Agreement;
  • To consider all legal matters related to the Organization or to one of its staff members.
Division of Protocol
  • It shall undertake the following tasks:
  • Make the organizational arrangements for the audiences of the Director General as well as for his participation in official activities and meetings inside and outside the Headquarters;
  • Ensure follow-up to protocol matters related to the Organization’s activities.



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