Directorate of External Relations and Cooperation


The Directorate of External Relations and Cooperation is a specialized body whose mission is to enhance the status of ISESCO and expand its civilizational reach on the Arab, Islamic and international scenes. The Directorate has two divisions; namely the Division of Relations and Cooperation with Governmental Organizations and Donors, and the Division of Relations and Cooperation with NGOs and Civil Society Institutions.
The Directorate works towards strengthening cooperation, partnership and coordination between ISESCO and governmental and non-governmental organizations and bodies, financial institutions and donors at the national, regional and international levels; the ultimate goal is to promote joint action in the various fields of education, science, culture, thought and development for the benefit of Muslim communities in the Islamic world and beyond. To achieve these goals, the Directorate holds specialized meetings, concludes cooperation and partnership agreements and cooperation programmes, mobilizes outstanding efforts and pioneering expertise and attracts financial contributions to enable ISESCO to implement its action plans and achieve its noble objectives. The number of cooperation agreements signed between ISESCO and international and regional institutions and organizations has reached nearly two hundred agreements, under which more than half of approximately five hundred projects and activities are annually implemented by ISESCO for the benefit of Muslim communities in the Islamic world and beyond.

Functions of the Director
  1. He discharges the following functions:
  2. Follow up the implementation of the Director General’s directives regarding the Organization’s external policy as well as its cooperation relations;
  3. Coordinate between the activities of the Directorate and those of the other directorates, services and divisions with respect to the implementation of cooperation programmes;
  4. Prepare periodical reports on the Directorate’s activities as well as on the Organization’s external relations;
  5. Arrange for the Director General’s activities outside the Seat Country;
  6. Follow up the implementation of cooperation activities in coordination with the relevant directorates, services and divisions at the Organization;
  7. Follow up the implementation of cooperation activities in coordination with the external cooperating parties in accordance with the protocols and minutes signed;
  8. Follow up the financial matters relating to the implementation of cooperation activities, and coordinate the operations of financial compensation with the cooperating parties;
  9. Prepare for the meetings of joint committees as well as for the follow-up meetings dealing with cooperation activities;
  10. Draw up the draft agreements and protocols that the Organization intends to conclude;
  11. Prepare for the Organization’s participation in the conferences and executive councils of similar organizations;
  12. Coordinate contact with Member States’ National Commissions.
Division of Relations and Cooperation with Governmental Organizations and Donating Bodies
  • It shall cover:
  • Institutions and bodies reporting and affiliated to the systems of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the League of Arab States, the Arab Maghreb Union, the African Union, the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), the Council of Europe and the United Nations Organization which deal fully or partially with ISESCO’s fields of competence ;
  • Governmental academic institutions, in the Islamic world and beyond, taking a keen interest in the Islamic world ;
  • International and regional governmental institutions that donate and are interested in funding developmental programmes and projects ;
Division of Relations and Cooperation with Local Community Organizations and Civil Society Bodies
  • It shall cover:
  • International NGOs operating in ISESCO’s fields of competence inside the Islamic world and beyond;
  • Non-governmental and local community scientific and academic institutions;
  • Islamic cultural and educational centres operating outside the Islamic world.
  • Each of the two Divisions shall assume the following duties:
  • Simulate and develop the Organization’s external relations through searching for new partners and developing further interest in the Organization’s objectives and accomplishments;
  • Support cooperation activities of ISESCO and its partners through the preparation, negotiation and follow-up of the implementation of conventions and memoranda of understanding;
  • Coordinate with the various directorates and divisions in the preparation of cooperation programmes to be proposed to the partners of ISESCO;
  • Conduct studies and researches likely to give new impetus to cooperation activities;
  • Propose a number of major projects for implementation outside the budget and endeavour to secure the necessary funds for their implementation.


Projects and Areas of involvement

Project one: Consolidating cooperation with governmental and non-govern-mental organizations and bodies.
  1. Promoting cooperation and partnership with governmental organizations and bodies.
  2. Promoting cooperation and partnership with non-governmental organizations and bodies.
Project two: Consolidating cooperation with civil society institutions and pro-moting humanitarian work
  1. Enhancing ISESCO’s role in the area of joint Islamic humanitarian work.
  2. Fostering educational, scientific and cultural services in Member States with special conditions.

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