Directorate of Administrative Affairs


The Directorate of Administrative Affairs is the administrative concerned with the proper functioning of the various services at the General Directorate. It mobilizes all necessary means of work and provides various administrative and logistic services to ensure optimal implementation of ISESCO’s activities and programmes, in coordination with the various directorates and centers of the Organization.
The DAA is made of the following divisions:
– Division of Human Resources,
– Division of Administrative Services,
– Division of Headquarters and Conferences
– Division of Public Relations, and
– Division of Procurement, Equipment, Stock and Maintenance.

Functions of the Director
  1. Under instructions from the Director General, the Director of Administrative Affairs shall undertake the following tasks:
  2. Manage the Organization’s administrative affairs;
  3. Prepare and follow up administrative contracts, agreements and protocols;
  4. Supervise the preparation of administrative documents and reports to be submitted to the General Conference and the Executive Council;
  5. Upgrade the work of the Directorate to enhance its efficiency;
  6. Discharge any other task that may be entrusted to him by the Director General.
Division of Human Resources
  • It shall have the following tasks:
  • Prepare staff lists and their payment slips, and follow up recruitment procedures;
  • Take necessary administrative measures with the competent authorities in the Seat Country to obtain the privileges, exemptions and commitments set out in the Headquarters Agreement (stay permits, registration of cars etc.);
  • Keep the files of the staff, particularly with respect to marital status, qualifications, etc.;
  • Control regular attendance of staff, prepare and monitor leave timetables and prepare notes on holidays, working hours and interim schedule;
  • Follow up the staff’s administrative and financial files, and take all relevant measures (file of subscribers to the Medical Insurance Fund, schooling files, overtime files, and medical files of subscribers to the Medical Insurance Fund to be referred to the Fund Committee);
  • Conduct the necessary studies to upgrade and improve the management of personnel affairs;
  • Prepare and coordinate notices on vacancies at the Organization, and prepare for the study of applications for jobs and training by the parties officially commissioned to this end;
  • Follow up jobs’ movement and amend the staff’s administrative and financial situation in accordance with relevant regulations and decisions;
  • Prepare statements and documents for the meetings of the Advisory Committee for Staff Affairs, and follow up the implementation of its decisions;
  • Prepare and register orders for assignment inside and outside the Seat Country before referring them to the accounting section for the calculation of per diem allowances.
Division of Administrative Services
  • It shall have the following tasks :
  • Prepare and record the contracts with the Organization’s external cooperators;
  • Follow up the files submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Seat Country with a view to obtaining exemption from customs duties for the materials required by the Organization;
  • Ensure the dispatch of the Organization’s mail to Member States and other destinations within the framework of the Organization’s action plans;
  • Receive service requests concerning failures and disorders in bureau equipment, fax machines, copiers and printers, and follow up their maintenance in coordination with the competent parties;
  • Supervise all works of keeping, recording, sending and receiving the Organization’s correspondences (letters, parcels, faxes, emails, etc.), and coordinate with concerned parties on the appropriate means for undertaking these works in order to ensure a smooth running and quality performance;
  • Supervise the local transportation services of the Organization, coordinate the movement of the Organization’s vehicles, and provide for their repair and maintenance.
Division of Headquarters and Conferences
  • It shall have the following tasks :
  • Follow up the material and technical preparation for conferences and meetings held in the headquarters, and ascertain that all necessary services and requirements are provided, in coordination with concerned directorates and divisions;
  • Ensure the safety and security of the Organization’s headquarters, particularly technical equipment of the assembly rooms and administrative bureaus;
  • Follow up the execution of cleaning, maintenance, insurance and security contracts that the Organization concludes with the competent parties;
  • Receive the requests of directorates and divisions concerning the services of the headquarters and follow up their implementation;
  • Monitor technical and architectural works to be implemented in the headquarters, in coordination and consultation with concerned parties.
Division of Public Relations
  • It shall undertake the following tasks:
  • Maintain contact with the relevant authorities in the Seat Country regarding application of the Seat Agreement and the privileges and immunities granted to the Organization and its staff;
  • Contact the diplomatic missions accredited to the Seat Country with a view to making the necessary arrangements for the travel of the Organization’s staff to the Member States and elsewhere to carry out specific assignments or to implement the Organization’s activities;
  • Contact hotels and take the necessary arrangements to ensure the accommodation of the Organization’s guests during conferences, symposia and meetings;
  • Make ticket reservations for the Organization’s staff members and experts officially commissioned as part of the Organization’s activities, and deliver the tickets to them.
Division of Procurement, Equipment, Stock and Maintenance
  • It shall undertake the following tasks:
  • Receive and consider purchase orders submitted by the various directorates, services, divisions, sections and offices;
  • Undertake the necessary measures to obtain estimates from various sources for the acquisitions that the Organization intends to make;
  • Contact suppliers with a view to securing the goods and services required by the Organization, and consider the bids submitted by external suppliers;
  • Follow up the requests submitted to external suppliers relative to meeting the Organization’s needs of stationery, materials, furniture and office equipment in coordination with concerned parties;
  • Prepare purchase order files to be submitted to the Organization’s Acquisitions Committee, follow up the purchase orders approved by the Acquisitions Committee and provide them to the requesting parties;
  • Identify stock needs in materials, office equipment, stationery, maintenance materials, furniture and other equipment;
  • Receive requests for office equipment and other materials and distribute them among the different directorates and divisions as per need;
  • Make inventory of the stock content and the Organization’s properties and prepare periodical and annual statements thereon;
  • Assist the Administrative Services Division and the Headquarters and Conferences Division in supplying the equipment necessary for the activities implemented by the Organization in the headquarters;
  • Follow up the maintenance, development and updating of the Organization’s equipment, in coordination with the Administrative Services Division and the Headquarters and Conferences Division.


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