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Arab Education: Reality and Prospects (1440H/2019).


ISESCO‘s Role in the Development of Arab-Islamic Culture (1440H/2019).

Teaching Arabic Language: Challenges and remedial approaches (1440H/2019).

Future Prospects of Muslim-Western Dialogue (1440H/2018).

ISESCO and the Shaping of the Future of the Islamic World (1439H/2018).

Impediments to Peace in Today’s World: Dangers and Challenges (1439H/2017).

Strategic Awareness in Building Unity and Strengthening Relations between the Ummah’s Components (1438H/2017).

Islam and Inter-religious Coexistence on the Threshold of
the 21 st Century (1438H/2017).

Dialogue of Cultures and Civilizations: a Means to Counter Racism (1437H/2016).

The Alliance of Civilizations and Building a New World Order (1436H/2015).

The Islamic World and Millennium Challenges (1436H/2014).

Towards a Renewal of Islamic Thought (1435H/2014).

The State and Human Rights in Islamic Thought ; (1435H/2014)

The Media and Intercultural Dialogue (1435H/2014).

The Current Status of Arabic (1434H/2013).

Movement for Bringing Muslim Madhahib Closer Together: Critical Review and Reflections (1434H/2013).

Heritage and Identity (1433H/2012).

Civilizational Communication and its Role in Promotion Understanding between Peoples (1431H / 2010).

America and the Muslim World (1431H/2010)


Dialogue and Alliance of Civilizations (1430H/2009).

Arabic Language and Globalization (1430H/2009).

Women in Islam and their Standing in the Muslim Society (Three editions); (1430H/2009).

Islamic Diplomacy in the Service of Dialogue and Peace (1430H/2009).

Ijtihad and Modernity in Islam (1428H/2007).

The Islamic World and the West: Challenges and Future (1428H/2007).

Common Cultural Heritage and Alliance of Civilizations (1427H/2006)

Democracy in the Islamic Perspective (1426H/2005).


Muslims of the West and the Islamic World (1426H/2005).

Future of the Arabic Language (1425H/2004).

Role of Muslim Communities and Islamic Institutions in Highlighting the Image of Islam (1424H/2003).

Islamic Discourse between Tradition and Modernity (1424H/2003).

The Characteristics of the Islamic Civilization and its Future Prospects (1423H/2002).

The Conflict of Civilizations from an Islamic Perspective (1423H/2002).

Globalization and Cultural Life in the Islamic World (1423H/2002).

Enlightenment as an Islamic Concept ( 1423H/2002).


Human Rights in Islamic Teachings (1421H/2001).

Human Dignity in the Light of Islamic Principles (1421H/2001).

Political Education in Islam (1421H/2001).

ISESCO and the Islamic World’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Prospects (1420H/1999).

Dialogue and Civilization Interaction from an Islamic Perspective (1419H/1998).

Identity and Globalization in the Perspective of the Right to Cultural Diversity (1419H/1998).

Islam and Inter-Religious Coexistence on the Threshold of the 21ST Century (1419H/1998).


The Islamic Oumma and Civilizational Challenges (1419H/1998).

The Arab Culture and Other Cultures (1419H/1998).

Future Prospects of Muslim-Western Dialogue (1418H/1997).

Cultural Development from an Islamic Perspective (1416H/1996).

Situation of the Islamic World and Future Prospects (1414H/1994).

Economic Human Rights in Islam (Two editions); (1414H/1994).

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