D.G. Activities


Rabat: 26/02/2017

ISESCO Director General hails request by 154 French deputies and senators for recognition of the State of Palestine


Valetta: 24/02/2017

ISESCO Director General participates with Maltese President in inauguration of renovated multi-purpose hall at San Anton Palace


Rabat: 24/02/2017

ISESCO Director General speaks at formal meeting in Maltese capital on: “The Image of Europe in the Arab and Islamic World”


Valetta: 23/02/2017

Maltese President receiving ISESCO Director General

Rabat: 20/2/2017

ISESCO Director General to participate in preparatory meeting for of Arraiolos Group Meeting

Rabat: 16/02/2017

Turkey’s flag raised at ISESCO headquarters

Rabat: 14/02/2017

University shields offered to ISESCO Director General and Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University Rector

Rabat: 14/02/2017

Dr Altwaijri at the close of FUIW General Conference High time to turn our universities into hubs of scientific research, industrial innovation and knowledge creativity

Rabat: 14/02/2017

Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri’s appointment as FUIW Secretary General endorsed 

Rabat: 13/02/2017

FUIW offers its Shield to Morocco’s Acting Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive Training

Rabat: 13/02/2017

IIUM Rector presents “Lifetime Outstanding Achievement Award” to ISESCO Director General

Rabat: 13/02/2017

Dr Altwaijri offers ISESCO Shield to IIUM Rector

Rabat: 13/02/2017

Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University offers its Shield to Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri

Rabat: 13/02/2017

FUIW offers its Shield to Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University Rector

Rabat: 13/02/2017

Cooperation agreements between universities in TAFAHUM Programme for Student Exchange handed

Rabat: 13/02/2017

ISESCO- UNDP partnership framework agreement  signed

Rabat: 13/02/2017

At opening of FUIW 7th General Conference, ISESCO Headquarters: Dr Altwaijri stresses that investment in education is the bedrock of progress and the driving force of development

Rabat: 10/02/2017

Sheikh Dr A’id al- Qarni visits ISESCO

Rabat: 09/02/2017

Chargé d’affaires of Iraqi Embassy in Rabat visits ISESCO

Rabat: 08/02/2017

ISESCO Director General hails Pope Francis’ stance regarding Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

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