D.G. Activities

Sarajevo : 31/05/2016

ISESCO Director General meets with Bosnian Civil Affairs Minister

Sarajevo: 31/05/2016

ISESCO Director General lectures in Sarajevo on dialogue in shared societies

Sarajevo: 31/05/2016

MoU signed by ISESCO and Foundation Shared Societies and Values Sarajevo

Sarajevo: 30/05/2016

Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo receives Director General of ISESCO

Rabat: 30/05/2016

Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina receives ISESCO Director General

Sarajevo: 30/05/2016

ISESCO Director General gives interview to Sarajevo-based TV1

Sarajevo: 30/05/2016

Chairman of Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency receives ISESCO Director General

Rabat: 27/05/2016

ISESCO Director General to make working visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rabat: 21/05/2016

ISESCO Director General receives Sudanese Culture Minister

Rabat: 20/05/2016

ISESCO Director General to take part in symposium to redress misconceptions about Saudi Arabia, Paris

Rabat: 20/05/2016

Chairman of Trustees Board of University College of Bahrain visits ISESCO

Rabat: 19/05/2016

General supervisor of holy city glorification project visits ISESCO

Rabat: 16/05/2016

IAS Director General visits ISESCO

Rabat: 14/05/2016

ISESCO Director General calls on Iran to not politicize Hajj

Rabat: 14/05/2016

ISESCO Director General commends efforts of IDB President


Malian Higher Education Minister visits ISESCO

Rabat: 10/05/2016

UAE Minister of Education visits ISESCO


Doha: 07/05/2016

ISESCO Director General  takes part in Conference on  Education 2016 opening ceremony, Qatar


Doha: 05/05/2016

ISESCO  Director General to take part in Conference on Education 2016,  Doha


ISESCO Director General chairs ceremony marking the Organization’s 34th anniversary

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