Dialogue among Civilizations

Dialogue among civilizations reflects a pressing need, dictated by the accelerating world mutations prevailing at this critical juncture of world history. It has become a strategic option, mandated by the major challenges confronting the international community, for it constitutes the noblest means of coexistence among nations and peoples, indeed the remedy to all factors of tension and conflict at the origin of international crises.

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization made outstanding contribution under the “United Nations Year of Dialogue among Civilizations”, the year 2001, which was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly. The OIC Council of Foreign Ministers at its 28th session (Bamako, July 2001) commissioned ISESCO to implement activities in dialogue among cultures and alliance of civilizations. In that respect, ISESCO convened or contributed to a number of international symposia on the theme of dialogue among cultures and alliance of civilizations. ISESCO likewise took part in the meetings of the High Level Group on the Alliance of Civilizations, which was set up by virtue of a resolution by the UN Secretary-General. The Group, chaired by Mr Jorge Sampaio, High Representative for the UN Alliance of Civilizations, with as members the Prime Ministers of Spain and Turkey, along with foreign ministers and worldrenowned personalities, established the Alliance of Civilizations Forum, held annually with the participation of ISESCO.

Following is a list of international conferences and symposia which ISESCO convened, co-organized or took an active part in:
  1. Meeting of UNAOC Fellowship Programme (ISESCO Headquarters, Rabat, 2-6 April 2012)
  2. Fourth UN AoC Forum (Doha, Qatar, 11-13 December 2011)16
  3. International Symposium on Imam al-Ghazali (Paris, France, 2 December 2011)
  4. Second Islamic-Catholic Forum (Al-Maghtas, Jordan, 21-23 November 2011).
  5. Annual Meeting of (Religions for Peace) International Trustees (Marrakech, Morocco, 16-17 November 2011)
  6. Second Meeting of the AoC Focal Points of the OIC Member States (Rabat, Morocco, 17-18 Oct. 2011)
  7. Global Humanitarian Forum (Baku, Azerbaijan, 10-11 October 2011).
  8. Cultural Symposium on Integration in the New Europe (Geneva, Switzerland, 28 September 2011)
  9. International Conference on (Islam in Africa: Intellectual Trends, Historical Sources and Research Methods (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 19-21 July 2011)
  10. World Culture Festival (Berlin, Germany, 3-7 June 2011).
  11. 13th International Conference of the International Association for Intercultural Research (Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, 19-23 June 2011).
  12. International conference on Dialogue of Civilizations (Alexandria, Egypt, 18-19 May 2011)
  13. Regional Forum of National Commissions on (Rapprochement of Cultures) (Paris, France, 27 April 2011).
  14. First International Conference on “Values of Citizenship and Alliance of Civilizations” (Rabat, Morocco, 27-29 April 2011).15
  15. International Conference of the Global Movement “Youth for the Alliance of Civilizations” (Baku, Azerbaijan, 9-10 April 2011).
  16. World Forum for the Dialogue of Cultures (Baku, Azerbaijan, 7-9 April 201014
  17. Second Meeting of the High-Level Group for Peace and Intercultural Dialogue (New York, USA, 11 March 2010).
  18. Meeting of the Alliance of Civilizations Group of Friends (New York, USA, 10 March 2010)13
  19. Second International Conference on Ways to Foster Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue (Dacca, Bangladesh, 13-15 November 2010)
  20. International Symposium “Compostela-Cordoba Path to Understanding and Dialogue” (Sion, Switzerland, 25-26 November 2010).
  21. UN Alliance of Civilizations’ Coordination Meeting of the Relevant Parties in the Member States and Cooperating Organizations (Berlin, Germany, 25-27 October 2010)
  22. International Conference on “Meeting of Two Worlds: Contribution of the Islamic Arab Culture in the Ibero-American Culture” (Cordoba, Spain, 13 September 2010)
  23. International Symposium on “Music as a Common Language of Dialogue between Cultures” (Paris, France, 2 June 2010).
  24. Third Global Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 28 May 2010)
  25. Cultural Conference on “Middle Stance and Dialogue for Promoting Peaceful Coexistence between Peoples” (Kuwait City, Kuwait, 11-12 May 2010)
  26. Summit Meeting of the Leaders of World Religions (Baku, Azerbaijan, 26-27 April 2010)
  27. Meeting of the Partners Involved in the Preparation of the Guide on “Improving the Image of the Culture of the Other in History School Textbooks in Europe and the Islamic Arab World” (Cairo, Egypt, 22 April 2010)
  28. First session of the “European-American-Arab Alliance Group” (Rabat, Morocco, 12 March 2010)
  29. Euro-Arab Dialogue Group Meeting (Paris, France, 27-28 January 2010).
  30. International Symposium on “Al Quds – A City of Culture, Dialogue and Coexistence” (Rome, Italy, 17-18 December 2009).
  31. International Conference on “South/North Dialogue on Mediterranean” (Alicante, Spain, 19-21 November 2009)
  32. Third Meeting of the Focal Points of the Alliance of Civilizations (Rabat, Morocco, 10-11 November 2009)12
  33. Meeting of the Alliance of Civilizations Group of Friends (New York, USA, 26 September 2009)
  34. 12th International Meeting for Cultural Exchange and Communication between Civilizations (Cairo, Egypt, 22-30 July 2009).
  35. International Conference on “Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultural Diversity” (Tunis – Tunisian Republic: 2-4 June 2009).
  36. Annual Meeting of the Académie de la Paix (Evian-France: 30 April – 2 May, 2009).
  37. Second UN Alliance of Civilizations Forum (Istanbul-Turkey: 6-7 April 2009).
  38. International Conference on “International Encounters on the Shores of the Mediterranean, the Alchemy of an Uninterrupted Dialogue” (Paris-France: 4 December 2008).
  39. Annual Meeting of the Académie de la Paix (Fiuggy-Italy: 20-23 October 2008)
  40. International Conference on “Education for Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue” (Copenhagen-Denmark: 21-22 October 2008).
  41. International Conference on the “Future of Joint Islamic-Christian Action” (London-England: 13 October 2008)
  42. Annual Asian Conference on “Higher Education and Peace Education in Asia and the Pacific” (Jala-Thailand: 22-24 July 2008).
  43. First International Forum on “Expanding the Role of Women in Crosscultural Dialogue” (Baku-Republic of Azerbaijan: 10-11 June 2008).
  44. 17th Conference of the Académie de la Latinité “A Precondition for a Dialogue of Cultures” (Rabat- Morocco: 17-20 April 2008)
  45. International Scientific Symposium on “Translation: Enriching Cultures and Strengthening Dialogue of Civilizations” (Tunis-Tunisian Republic: 20-22 February 2008)
  46. First UN Alliance of Civilizations Forum (Madrid-Spain: 15-16 January 2008)11
  47. Alliance of Civilizations Youth Initiative (Baku-Azerbaijan: 1-2 November 2007)
  48. International Conference entitled “Tourism and Religions: A contribution to dialogue between religions, cultures and civilizations” (Cordoba-Spain: 29-31 October 2007)
  49. International Symposium on “Islamic Presence in Europe” (Paris-France: 17-18 October 2007)
  50. Tashkent International Tourism Fair (Tashkent-Uzbekistan: 17-18 October 2007)
  51. Ministerial Meeting of the Alliance of Civilizations Group of Friends (New York-USA: 26 September 2007)
  52. European Heritage Days (Belgrade-Serbia: 21-23 September 2007).
  53. International Conference “Intercultural and Inter-religious Dialogue for Peace and Sustainable Development” (Moscow-Russian Federation: 13-16 September 2007)
  54. International Conference on “Values of Love and Tolerance in the Holy Quran” (Amman-Jordan: 4-7 September 2007).
  55. International Conference on the “Contribution of Uzbekistan to the Development of Islamic Civilization” (Tashkent-Uzbekistan: 14-15 August 2007)
  56. Meeting on Fostering Culture of Peace and Coexistence (Paris-France: 14-15 June 2007)
  57. International Symposium on “The promotion of the role of the Islamic Cultural Identity Components in Fostering Mutual Understanding among Peoples and Civilizations” (Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco: 26-28 February 2007)
  58. Scientific Symposium on “Al Quarawiyine University and Dialogue among Religions and Civilizations” (Fez, Kingdom of Morocco, 8-10 January 2007)10
  59. “World Philosophy Day” (Skhirate, Kingdom of Morocco, 15 November 2006)
  60. Second World Forum on Education and Culture on “Alliance of Civilizations” (Chefchaouen, Kingdom of Morocco, 30 October – 1 November 2006)
  61. Round Table on “Culture of Peace Today” (Paris, France: 21 September 2006)
  62. Forum on “Dialogue between Peoples and Cultures” (Paris, France: 13-15 September 2006)
  63. The Ninth International Gathering for Cultural Exchange (Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt: 21-31 August, 2006)
  64. Arab-Euro Symposium on “Education for Democratic Citizenship” (Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco: 19-22 July 2006)98
  65. “Islam Expo” Festival, (Copenhagen, Denmark: June 2006)
  66. Scientific Forum on “Cultural Diversity and Globalisation: the Challenge to Audiovisual Services” (Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco: 16 June 2006)
  67. Meeting of the “High-Level Group for the Alliance of Civilizations” (Dakar, Republic of Senegal: 29 May 2006)
  68. International Conference on “Peace, Security, and Prosperity in the Mediterranean: 10 Years of Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation” (Rhodes Island, Greece: 2006)
  69. Regional Symposium on “Globalization and its Economic and Cultural Impact on the Islamic World” (Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: 3-5 May 2006
  70. International Conference on the “Dialectic of Self and Other in the Contemporary World” (Fez, Kingdom of Morocco: 27 April 2006)
  71. “First Euro-Arab Dialogue Forum” (Paris, France: 26-28 April 2006)
  72. “Second World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace” (Seville, Spain: 19-22 March 2006)
  73. International Congress on “North-South Mediterranean Dialogue: A Shared Vision of the Future” (Algiers, People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria: 24-26 February 2006)
  74. International Symposium on “Human Cultures and Civilizations: from Dialogue to Alliance” (Tunis, 30 January- 1 February 2006)
  75. First International Conference on “Fostering Dialogue among Cultures and Civilizations through Concrete and Sustained Action”, (Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, in cooperation with UNESCO, the OIC, ALECSO, the Danish Center for Culture and Development, and the Anna Lindh Euro- Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue among Cultures: 14-16 June 2005).
  76. International Symposium on “Europe and Dialogue between Euro- Mediterranean Cultures” (Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt: 10-12 April 2005)
  77. International Symposium on “Migration in the Age of Cultural Plurality” (Geneva, Switzerland: 11 March 2005)76
  78. International Symposium on “Civilizational and Cultural Dialogue: its Objectives and Fields” (Makkah-al-Mukarramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 15-17 January 2005)
  79. “First World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace” (Brussels, Belgium: 3-6 January 2005)
  80. International Symposium on the “Role of Islam and Christianity in Building Concord” (Tunis, Tunisian Republic: 17-19 February 2004)
  81. International Symposium on “Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultures” (Sana’a, Republic of Yemen: 10-11 February 2004)
  82. International Symposium on “Al-Quds and its Cultural Heritage within the Framework of Islamic Christian Dialogue” (Rabat, Morocco, 19-20 October 2003)
  83. Regional Symposium on “Cultural Diversity” (Tunis, Tunisian Republic: 7-9 September 2003)
  84. International Symposium on “The West and Islamic Civilization: Mutual Interaction” (Paris, France: 20 October 2003)
  85. International Symposium on “Dialogue among Civilizations: Diversity within the Framework of Complementarity” (Frankfurt, Germany: 29-30 September 2003)
  86. International Symposium on “Partnership for Humanity” (Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: 26-29 July 2003)
  87. International Symposium on “Dialogue among Cultures” (Athens, Greece: 1-4 May 2003)
  88. International Conference on “Dialogue among Civilizations: the Key to a Safe Future” (Warsaw, Poland: 23-26 April 2003)
  89. International Symposium on “Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultures: Comprehension and Mutual Understanding” (Principality of Liechtenstein: 21-23 October 2002)
  90. International Symposium on “Dialogue among Civilizations for Coexistence” (Damascus, 18-20 May 2002)
  91. International Symposium on “Dialogue among Civilizations: between Theory and Practice” (Tunis, 12-13 November 2001)543
  92. International Symposium on “Political Aspects of Dialogue among Civilizations” (Tokyo, Japan: 3-5 August 2001)
  93. International Symposium on “Dialogue among Civilizations in a Changing World” (Rabat, 9-10 July 2001)
  94. International Symposium on “Contributions of the Human Civilization towards Enhancing the Values and Principles of Human Rights” (Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco: 25-27 November 2000)
  95. International Symposium on “Dialogue and Coexistence among Civilizations and Cultures” (Berlin, Germany: 5 July 2000)
  96. International Conference on “Religion, Culture and Environment” (Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran: 19 June 2000)
  97. International Symposium on “Arab World – Francophonie: Intercultural Dialogue” (Paris, France 2000)21

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