Centre of Translation


The Translation Center is a constituent department with the mandate to help ensure outreach to ISESCO by performing a range of specific functions.
These include providing translation for Arabic, English and French of a wide range of documents (correspondences, news releases, speeches, conference documents, ISESCO publications and other material covering ISESCO’s areas of specialty).
Besides, the TC performs editing and preview work involving a variety of material, both in original and in translation.
It also provides language counseling and interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) for the three working languages of ISESCO at and away from headquarters.

It is in charge of the following :
  • Outcome of the General Conference and Executive Council, specialized ministerial conferences and other meetings held by the Organization;
  • Action plans, programmes, studies along with follow-up and evaluation reports;
  • Statutory texts and internal regulations;
  • Agreements, conventions and other instruments of cooperation between the Organization and similar organizations and institutions;
  • Addresses, statements, messages, etc.;
  • Correspondence with Member States, affiliated bodies, regional and international organizations and institutions, and centres and associations sharing the same fields of interest;
  • Books and other publications of the Organization.
  • The Centre shall also be tasked with:
  • Compiling and updating lists of external translators where required;
  • Coordinating with the relevant parties at ISESCO in selecting freelance interpreters and translators to translate documents for the Organization.
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