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Yamoussoukro: 11/05/2019

National workshop in Yamoussoukro calls for curbing hate speech in educational and media programmes (more…)


The Information and Communication Center is among ISESCO’s new specialized centers established by virtue of a resolution of the Organization’s 12th General Conference of ISESCO (Baku, Republic Azerbaijan, 26-27 November 2015.) As a technical body, it is entrusted with implementing ISESCO’s programmes and action plans in the areas of information and communication and consists of two divisions: the Division of Information, and the Division of Communication.
The Center’s action is based on a set of reference documents, including: the Tunis Commitment and the Tunis Agenda for the Information Society, both issued by the World Summit on the Information Society (Tunis 2005); the Strategy for ICTs Development in the Islamic World, the General Framework of the Action Programme to Refute Media Smear Campaigns against Islam and Islamic Civilization, ISESCO’s Course to Train Journalists and Broadcasters in Addressing Stereotypes about Islam and Muslims in Western Media, and the Study on Western Media Content on Islam in Light of International Law.
Among the Center’s projects and programmes are the project on ISESCO regional centers for media training, the programme on the training of imams and preachers in the use of the new information technologies, the programme on addressing stereotypes about Islam and Muslims from and academic and professional perspective, and the programme on the professional and legal treatment of denigration of religions in the media.

Division of Information
  • It is in charge of the following:
  • Draft, in a journalistic style, news on the Organization’s activities, distribute them to mass media in the Seat Country and in Member States as well as to relevant organizations and bodies, and follow up their publication;
  • Release statements to Member States, regional and international organizations and bodies;
  • Provide the necessary information material for radio and television programmes on the Organization’s activities;
  • Post material on the activities of the Director General and various departments on the Organization’s website;
  • Carry out information programmes under ISESCO’s Action Plan;
  • Issue “ISESCO” newsletter, “Islam Today” journal and the “Guide to ISESCO”;
  • Prepare the Director General’s press conferences and ensure press coverage of his activities;
  • Ensure media coverage of conferences, symposia and meetings held by ISESCO inside and outside the Seat Country;
  • Track and collect information material on activities falling within ISESCO’s ambit, and distribute them as per relevance to directorates, centres and divisions;
  • Enhance relations with representatives of media outlets at headquarters and beyond, in order to increase visibility for ISESCO on the Islamic and international arenas.
Division of Communication
  • It is in charge of the following:
  • Support Member States’ efforts to build up professional and technical skills of information and mass media professionals;
  • Supervise continuous training and capacity-building in information and communication within Member States, in coordination with the Centre of Information, Documentation and Publishing concerning technical aspects;
  • Identify the ways to develop information and communication infrastructure and ensure their rational utilization for greater exchange of expertise among Member States in the areas of communication and culture;
  • Contribute to promoting communication and information sharing within Member States;
  • Assist Member States in developing national strategies on the Internet;
  • Redress stereotypes about the other in media from a professional and human rights perspective.

Projects and Areas of involvement

Project one: Channeling IT and public relations into strengthening ISESCO’s international outreach.
  1. Publicizing activities and achievements of ISESCO and its Director General in the Muslim world and beyond.
  2. Enhancement of communication and cooperation with the media in the Islamic world and beyond.
  3. Promotion of ISESCO’s interaction and communication with its academic, cultural and media environment.
Project two: Promoting greater access to information and the right to responsible expression in the information and communication sector.
  1. Development of legislation on information and communication and access to information.
  2. Development of training and scientific research pertaining to new information and communication careers.
Project three: A professional and legal approach to mutual stereotyping in the media.
  1. Professional treatment of stereotypes about Islam and Muslims in the media.
  2. Legal treatment of stereotypes about Islam and Muslims in the media.


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