Capitals of Islamic Culture for the years 2005-2025 adopted by the Islamic Conferences of Culture Ministers



Arab Region – Amman (Hashemine Kingdom of Jordan), Sennar (Republic of the Sudan) -Sennar will, as an exception, be celebrated as the fourth capital of Islamic Culture for the year 2017 on the occasion of its hosting of the 10th Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers.-

Asian Region – Mashhad (Islamic Republic of Iran)

African region – Kampala (Republic of Uganda)


Arab Region – Al Muharraq (Kingdom of Bahrain)

Asian Region – Nakhchivan (Republic of Azerbaijan)

African Region – Libreville (Republic of Gabon)


Arab Region – Al-Quds (State of Palestine), Tunis (Republic of Tunisia) -Tunis will, as an exception, be celebrated as the fourth capital of Islamic Culture for the year 2019 on the occasion of itshosting the 11th Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers.-

Asian Region – Bandar Seri Begavan (Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam)

African Region – Bissau (Republic of Guinea Bissau)


Arab Region – Cairo (Arab Republic of Egypt)

Asian Region – Bukhara (Republic of Uzbekistan)

African Region – Bamako (Republic of Mali)


Arab Region – Doha (State of Qatar)

Asian Region – Islamabad (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)

African Region – Banjul (Republic of the Gambia)


Arab Region – Damascus (Syrian Arab Republic)

Asian Region – Bandung (Republic of Indonesia)

African Region – Yaounde (Republic of Cameroon)


Arab Region – Benghazi (Libya)

Asian Region – Selangor (Malaysia)

African Region – Abidjan (Republic of Cote d’Ivoire)


Arab Region – Marrakesh (Kingdom of Morocco)

Asian Region – Kabul (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)

African Region – Lome (Republic of Togo)


Arab Region – Mogadishu (Federal Republic of Somalia)

Asian Region – Achgabat (Republic of Turkmenistan))

African Region – Maputo (Republic of Mozambique)


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Capitals of Islamic Culture 2015
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Capitals of Islamic Culture 2009
Capitals of Islamic Culture 2008
  • Alexandria (Arab Republic of Egypt) -Arab Region
  • Lahore (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) -Asian Region
  • Djibouti (Republic of Djibouti) -African Region- The celebration of Djibouti as a capital of Islamic culture for the year 2008 of the African Region was postponed, upon an official request from the Djibouti government.
Capitals of Islamic Culture 2007
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Capitals of Islamic Culture 2005
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