At the working session on “Baku Process for Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue”, ISESCO Director General says: International Community needs to join Baku Process toward erecting bridges of trust between nations and peoples

Baku: 26/10/2018

At the working session on “Baku Process for Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue”, ISESCO Director General says: International Community needs to join Baku Process toward erecting bridges of trust between nations and peoples

The Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, participated in the working session on the topic “Baku Process: Advancing Intercultural Dialogue for Human Security, Peace and Sustainable Development”, held today as part of the Sixth Baku World Humanitarian Forum, kicked off yesterday in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.

At the opening of this session, Dr Altwaijri delivered an address wherein he said that this initiative was launched at a critical international juncture marked by pervasive concern and uncertainty in the countries of the North, due to the abrupt economic shocks that hit the world that year, and that the Baku Process rekindled the flame of hope of the international community and restored confidence in the Resolution of the UN General Assembly in 1998 to proclaim 2001 as the “UN Year of Intercultural Dialogue” so as to uphold the international resolution and consolidate the efforts made over the seven years that followed the launch of the Year of Intercultural Dialogue, with a view of laying the solid foundations for the values of intercultural dialogue at all levels among nations and peoples.

“The initiation of the Baku Process for the Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue was in line with the long history of the Republic of Azerbaijan which has always been the crossroad of cultures, civilizations and religious beliefs, and also came to connect the shinning present to the past filled with the spirit of humanity. This dialogue process, which has never ceased, is sustained by the Republic of Azerbaijan through hosting since 2011 four international forums on dialogue among cultures in partnership with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), UNESCO, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Council of Europe and ISESCO, and six sessions of “the Baku International Humanitarian Forum” as well as the 7th Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, held in Baku in 2016. All of these events reflect the importance attached by the Azerbaijani leadership to dialogue and its keenness to promote it through the international events hosted in Baku which further consolidate human harmony and brotherhood.” He added.

Moreover, ISESCO Director General underscored that the Baku Process, as a human initiative intended to promote dialogue among cultures and build world peace, and on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, places dialogue among cultures at the forefront of joint international action, moves it to the stage of serious implementation, and provides the favorable conditions for discussing current challenges with clear commitment that enables intellectual, scientific, cultural and academic elites and religious and political leaderships of different religions, cultures and races to discuss global issues in full transparence and seriousness and in mutual respect and  creative understanding.

By the same token, Dr Altwaijri stressed that international community needs to join the Baku Process to promote dialogue among cultures at this moment when, as he stated, it is steadily heading towards erecting bridges of trust between nations and peoples through firmly anchoring the values of dialogue, understanding, recognition of difference and respect for all cultures, civilizations and religions, in order to save the world from the civilizational crises bearing political, security, economic, social and cultural dimensions. “The Baku Process is a call for cultural peace which is the underlying foundation for human peace and security and for achieving comprehensive development.” ISESCO Director General emphasized.

In another vein, he pointed out that out of its belief in the values of human dialogue, the Republic of Azerbaijan, under its wise leadership has thus joined the large fields of action to contribute to building world peace and ensure security to humanity through supporting comprehensive sustainable development which requires, among other things,  the stability of human societies, respect for international laws, observance of human rights, more universalization of education and creativity in the cultures that build the human being and civilization.

“Let the 10th anniversary of Baku Process for Intercultural Dialogue mark the beginning of the process of founding a new fair and just world order and building peace in the minds of people so that it will have positive impact on earth, and let us, participants of the Baku World Humanitarian Forum, be messengers of peace and human fraternity and advocates of the values of intercultural dialogue, so as to collectively build the prosperous and safer future of the entire humanity.” Dr Altwaijri concluded.