ISESCO Director General calls on Baku International Humanitarian Forum to: Humanize the world order to be humanitarian in spirit, ethical in motivation, sound and coherent with the international law

Baku: 25/10/2018

ISESCO Director General calls on Baku International Humanitarian Forum to: Humanize the world order to be humanitarian in spirit, ethical in motivation, sound and coherent with the international law

The Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, stated that “founding a new world should be based on new human vision that emanates from the lofty human values and principles and, at the same time, reflects the conviction that the course of this current world order, which proves to be a failure, should be adjusted, and also draw on the rising awareness of the collective responsibility that should be shouldered by the peoples of the world.”

This statement was part of Dr Altwaijri’s address at the opening of the Sixth Baku International Humanitarian Forum, held in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan under the theme “Shaping a New World and a New Humanity: Creativity and Human Development”. ISESCO Director General first said that the Forum, this year, marks its 10th Anniversary and coincides with the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations, which was opened by Mr António Guterres, UN Secretary General with an insightful and perceptive address to the international community wherein he alerted to “mounting disorder and trust deficit in the rules-based global order”, stating that this order is at “a breaking point and international cooperation has become more difficult”, attributing this to “the erosion of world values”, and stating that the “democratic principles are under siege”.

Commenting on the UN Secretary General’s statement, Dr Altwaijri said that this is an accurate diagnosis of the present human situation and a thorough analysis of the current international circumstances. Therefore, this invites for taking a tremendous action which this Conference has decided to be epitomized in building a new world and a new humanity through creativity and human development. This is what we refer to as the “humanization” of the world order so as to make it imbued with a human essence, serve ethical objectives, and become peaceful and compliant with international laws.

In this regard, “creativity has deep insights and further dimensions” ISESCO Director General highlighted “it consists of creative thinking, conceptualization for the present and the future, creative imagination, creative action through perfection, creative solutions for persistent problems, and creative proposition of efficient policies for edification and progress. Creativity goes hand in hand with human development which covers political, social, cultural and educational development.”

Dr Altwaijri also said that since the current world order is based on shaky foundations and does not adhere to international laws, as it is described by the UN Secretary General and to our knowledge, as actors concerned with major international human issues, shifting from theory to practice necessitates free, conscious and responsible political will, without exempting intellectual, cultural and spiritual leaderships and eminent elites in the modern societies from shouldering their share of responsibility.

He stressed that “investment in the future starts from creativity in education, innovation in science and openness in culture, at the local, regional and international levels, adding that the process of building the human future starts from the private sphere and moves to the public one to ultimately cover the entire planet.” ISESCO Director General underscored “this explains why focus on internal reform, in all fields and in any given society, is the first step towards improving the conditions of the world and redressing the imbalance that undermines the powers toiling for peace, in such a way as pave the way for building a new world and a new humanity through making use of creativity at all levels to support sustainable comprehensive human development.”

Dr Altwaijri added that our world is following a trend which runs counter to the concerns of security and conditions of peace and stability. He also pointed out that the 2017 statistics of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) draw an alarming and frightening picture of the present situation of the world, marked by the soaring shares of global arms market. He concluded that “the world peace in this period, more than ever before, is at such stake, that efforts at all levels should be concerted to prevent the world from plunging in the vortex of endless armed conflicts which obstruct the course of sustainable development in all its areas.”

 In addition, “building a new world requires cooperation to eliminate the causes of conflicts and defuse tensions that hinder progress on the road towards peace-making” ISESCO Director General stressed “this is the human project that all world actors should agree on, in complete harmony with the Baku Process, which, while marking its tenth anniversary today, stresses the need to develop intercultural dialogue for achieving human security, peace and sustainable development, through multi-pronged and multi-track creativity, creative education and science, objective-oriented political action committed to just human causes; a dialogue that advocates, faithfully and transparently, the rights of peoples and individuals.”

In conclusion, Dr Altwaijri invited the participants in this Forum to seriously and dedicatedly act in the spirit of the Baku Process, as we are one human family which is keen on building a new world where justice, security, peace, tolerance and mutual respect reign.