The 39th session of the Executive Council and the 13th session of the General Conference


8-12 October 2018

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) holds the 39th session of the Executive Council (Rabat: 8-9 October 2018) and the 13th session of the General Conference (Rabat: 11-12 October 2018) – Al-Quds Al-Sharif Session

Executive Council :

Executive Council Documents

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General Conference :

General Conference Documents
  • isesco-smVenue to host the Conference
    ISESCO Headquarters
    Avenue des F.A.R , Hay Ryad, PO Box 2275
    PC Code 10104 – Rabat – Kingdom of Morocco
    Tel : + 212 (0) 5 37 56 60 52
    Email :
  • amphitriteParticipants’ place of residence
    Amphitrite Palace
    12050, Skhirat Plage, Skhirat
    Tel : +212 5376-21000

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Rabat: 12/10/2018

At the close of its 13th session:  ISESCO General Conference adopts Medium-Term Strategic Plan for the Years 2019-2027; Three-Year Action Plan and Budget for 2019-2021; and several reports, documents and resolutions


13th ISESCO General Conference kicks off in Rabat

Rabat: 09/10/2018

At close of its 39th session held in Rabat: The Executive Council adopts the Report of the Director General on the Organization’s Activities, Financial Report of the Director General and Closing Accounts, Report of the Audit Company, Report of the Financial Control Committee for the Year 2017 and the Draft Three Year Action Plan 2019-2021

Rabat: 08/10/2018

In his address at the opening of ISESCO 39th  Executive Council, the Director General calls for:  Building a new world order on foundations of international laws, ethical values and human principles

Rabat: 08/10/2018

Chairman of the Executive Council of ISESCO urges Member States to support ISESCO and its Director General with all means necessary for maintaining ISESCO’s outreach