First Edition of ISESCO Prize for Open Digital Educational Resources

ISESCO Digital OER Prize

Rabat: 30/08/2018

Announcement of the 1st Edition of the ISESCO Prize for Open Digital Educational Resources

As part of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization action plan, and considering the added value and increased role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in rising the quality of education and in enriching learning activities, ISESCO attaches great importance -in its new vision about educational technologies- to the integration and use of these technologies to improve educational action and to engage the interest, interaction, and knowledge construction of young learners. In this context, ISESCO launches the “ISESCO Prize for Open Digital Educational Resources” to promote innovative educational technology projects and practices integrating ICT in the fields of education, training, scientific research and administrative management by distributing the best achievements and effective ICT-supported projects, reflecting the noble human values and the cultural specificities of the Islamic world.

Three prizes are awarded annually for the best three initiatives from Member States, according to the working languages of the Organization, to educational actors (individuals, groups or institutions), technologies to practicing educational actors (individuals, groups and institutions), contributing with distinguished initiatives (having never been awarded before) based on educational, technical and ethical standards, subject to the conditions and arrangements, mentioned in the data sheet*, before the end of November 2018.

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