ISESCO DIrector General chairs a ceremony marking the Organization’s 36th anniversary

Rabat: 03/05/2018

ISESCO DIrector General chairs a ceremony marking the Organization’s  36th anniversary

The Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, today afternoon, chaired a ceremony at ISESCO headquarters, in Rabat, to mark the Organization’s 36th anniversary.

On this occasion, ISESCO Director General delivered an address wherein he pointed out that over the past 36 years, the Organization has, thanks to Allah, the support of all Member States and the dedicated efforts made by the former and current staff members, witnessed a considerable and a large-scale progress at all levels, whether in terms of the number of Member States, which today totals to 54 Member States, as opposed to the 24 Member States at its inception;  or with regard to expanding the scope of cooperation with international organizations. He added that the Organization has also upgraded its management model; increased the volume of programmes, activities and projects; and updated and improved the quality of its working tools, in line with the latest developments and successful models of international organizations management; or at the level of systematic theorization of its competences and duties and scientific planning that anticipate the prospects of its action.

In addition, Dr Altwaijri stated that the Islamic world is facing serious developmental challenges that can only be overcome through shaping the future of Muslim peoples with the values of peace, security and prosperity. He further explained that civilizational edification, social development and economic prosperity are all interconnected and can only be achieved through  strong cooperation, partnership, complementarity and coordination among Member States, as part of joint Islamic action and based on Islamic solidarity values, while being inspired by the spirit of Islamic brotherhood, guided by the forward-looking vision and advanced management, and fully aware of the responsibility of serving and advancing Muslim peoples.

Moreover, the Director General expressed his thanks and appreciation to Their Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses the leaders of Member States for their sustained support for ISESCO and its Director General and their firm belief in the Organization’s civilizational organization. He also thanked the competent parties in Member States for their continuing cooperation with ISESCO’s General Directorate. In the same vein, Dr Altwaijri conveyed his sincere thanks to the Kingdom of Morocco, the Seat Country, for its continued support to ISESCO since 1982, while expressing his appreciation of the royal solicitude granted to the Organization by the late King Hassan II, may Allah bless his soul, and King Mohammed VI, may Allah preserve him.

ISESCO Director General also praised the work done by the founding team of ISESCO, on top of whom was the ex Director General, the late Prof. Abdelhadi Boutaleb, noting that thanks to his wisdom, extensive knowledge and wide expertise, he managed in the early 1980s to lay the firm foundations for a successful start of ISESCO’s mission in leading joint Islamic action, despite financial, administrative and technical limitations.

In addition, ISESCO Director General thanked all the Organization’s employees, men and women alike, for their dedication and encouraged them to invest more efforts, while urging them for more synergy, cooperation, solidarity and continuous productivity so that they can shoulder the burdens of the development of the new structure of the Organization and its expanding missions.

The Chairman of ISESCO’s Executive Council, Dr Boubacar Doukouré, also took the floor and expressed his delight on behalf of the Council’s members to take part in the celebration marking ISESCO’s anniversary, while commending the efforts of its Director General and all his assistants to advance education, science, culture and communication, and promote joint Islamic action in Member States.

In his address, Dr Doukouré praised ISESCO’s efforts which were culminated in unprecedented achievements, thus assuming a respected position among Islamic and international organizations. He added that the Executive Council places great confidence in the Director General and appreciates the sincere efforts he makes along with his assistants at the General Directorate in preparing reference documents relevant to ISESCO’s realm of competence; meticulously organizing the sessions of the Executive Council and the General Conference;and implementing programmes and activities with the highest degree of effectiveness and planning. Last, Dr Doukouré extended his thanks and appreciation to the leaders of Member States for their support to ISESCO and their keenness for its success in discharging its civilizational mission.