Workshop on Development of EMIS Norms and Standards kicks off

Rabat: 16/04/2018

Workshop on Development of EMIS Norms and Standards kicks off

The Workshop on Development of Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) Norms and Standards, being held by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) on 16-20 April 2018, kicked off, today morning, at ISESCO headquarters.

On this occasion, addresses were given at the opening session by ISESCO Deputy Director General, Dr Amina Al-Hajri; ADEA representative, Dr Makha Nadou; the representative of the Moroccan Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ms. Hind Belhabib; and the representative of the African Development Bank in Morocco, Ms. Laila Jaafar Kilani.

Moreover, the workshop brings together sectoral directors, education and training experts, planners, educational statisticians from the Kingdom of Morocco and the Arab Republic of Egypt, along with experts from ISESCO and ADEA.

It is worth mentioning that ISESCO and ADEA co-signed a cooperation agreement in 2011 under which many activities have been implemented for the benefit of Member States.