Announcement of ISESCO Award for Islamic Culture Capitals’ Best Cultural Projects

Rabat: 30/01/2018

Announcement of ISESCO Award for Islamic Culture Capitals’ Best Cultural Projects

In enhancing the efforts geared toward boosting cultural activity in the celebrated capitals of Islamic culture and encouraging creativity and innovation in cultural projects, and in implementation of the relevant resolution of the 10th Islamic Conference of the Culture Ministers, held in the Republic of the Sudan in 2017, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) has announced the launching of the “ISESCO Award for Best Cultural Projects of Capitals of Islamic Culture”.

            The Award aims at encouraging outstanding cultural works by creative individuals and institutions in different cultural fields, highlighting participatory management of cultural projects, and the pivotal importance of the cultural dimension in urban policies and plans of the Islamic culture capitals, and incorporating the services of culture and heritage sector in the socioeconomic development of Islamic culture capitals.

            Cultural projects nominated for the Award are required to have genuine and innovative conceptualization and implementation mechanisms; be comprehensive and coherent with their components and urban and socioeconomic development sectors in the celebrated Islamic culture capital; engage civil society leaders including the youth, women, elected representatives and the private sector in their conceptualization and implementation; employ ICTs in their implementation; publicize their knowledge, urban, touristic, economic and environmental potentials; and draw inspiration from Islamic cultural values that promote coexistence, social peace, democracy, and principles of human rights and respect for pluralism.

The competent party in the celebrated capital of Islamic culture shall be in charge of announcing this Award at the launch of the celebration, determine its nomination standards and requirements in light of the criteria set by ISESCO for the nominated cultural project, and compose a jury to select the best cultural project for the benefit of the celebrated capital of Islamic culture.

The Award will be presented in its first edition at the opening of the 11th Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers (Tunis, November 2019).