International workshop on “Role of Youth in facing Migration Challenges” kicks off at ISESCO headquarters, Rabat

Rabat: 27/10/2017

International workshop on “Role of Youth in facing Migration Challenges” kicks off at ISESCO headquarters, Rabat

The international workshop on “the Role of Youth in facing Migration Challenges”, co-organized by ISESCO, the UN-affiliated International Migration Organization (IOM), and the OIC- Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC), kicked off Today morning at the headquarters of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) in Rabat.

The workshop’s opening session witnessed the delivery of the addresses of ISESCO Director General, Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, read out on his behalf by Dr Amina Al-Hajri, Deputy Director General; the address of Mr Abdelkrim Benatiq, Minister in charge of Moroccans Residing Abroad and Immigration Affairs of the Kingdom of Morocco; and the ones of Amb. Elshad Iskandarov, President of ICYF-DC; and Ms Teresa Botella, IOM Deputy Head of Mission in Morocco.

As part of the workshop’s agenda, participants will discuss ways to establish and strengthen national coordination mechanisms among relevant stakeholders to address the crises ensuing from youth migration in the Euro-Med Region; examine ways and means for migrant youth participation in civil society organisations, unions and community groups; support creation and recognition of migrant, diaspora and migrant youth organisations; enhance the role played by local youth, social service activists and other relevant stakeholders in the process of integration of young migrants; and develop youth intercultural strategies and campaigns to address human rights violations against young migrants.

Participants will also devote a session to discuss the role of media and social networks in the context of youth migration; encouraging journalists to fairly report on the suffering of young migrants; enhancing social network activist’s role in supporting young migrants’ rights; and establishing rapid response media mechanism to crises emerging from youth migration in Euro-Med Region.

At the closing session of the workshop, participants will present summary reports of the sessions and propositions to consolidate the strategies and prospects of the role of youth in facing migration challenges.