The 7th Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers


25 October 2017

Under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the effective presidency of H.R.H Princess Lalla Hasnaa, ISESCO held in cooperation with the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection and in coordination with the OIC: the 7th Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers

The 7th Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers :

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Rabat: 25/10/2017

ISESCO Director General, at close of Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers, says: The Conference has provided new instruments for enhancing Islamic cooperation in the environment and development

Rabat: 25/10/2017

Members of Islamic Executive Bureau for Environment elected

Rabat: 25/10/2017

7th ICEM adopts draft Rabat Declaration on Environment Protection and Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Rabat: 25/10/2017

The Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers adopts various documents and projects aiming to give substance to environmental protection and promote sustainable development in Islamic world

Rabat: 25/10/2017

At close of opening ceremony of 7th Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers at ISESCO headquarters, Rabat: ISESCO/Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection cooperation programme signed