Executive Council 38


3 October 2017

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) held the 38th session of the Executive Council at its headquarters in Rabat, on 3 October 2017

Executive Council :

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Rabat: 03/10/2017

At the close of its 38th session in Rabat: ISESCO Executive Council adopts Financial Report of the Director General and Closing Accounts, Report of the Audit Company and Report of the Financial Control Committee for the Year 2016, along with the Draft Medium Term Strategic Plan for 2019-2027

Rabat: 03/10/2017

At the close of ISESCO Executive Council’s 38th session: ISESCO Director General calls for sustaining  efforts to promote Islamic world’s civilizational development

Rabat: 03/10/2017

At close of the Exceucitve Council’s opening session: 2017 ISESCO Prize for Literacy and Non-formal Education awarded to Qabas Min Nour Charity


Rabat: 03/10/2017

At opening of ISESCO 38th Executive Council in Rabat, Dr Altwaijri says: ISESCO contributes to shaping Islamic world future and represents the new civilizational project


Rabat: 03/10/2017

38th ISESCO Executive Council kicks off in Rabat