Mashhad Capital of Islamic Culture 2017


Mashhad / Islamic Republic of Iran

Asian Region’s Capital of Islamic Culture 2017

The cultural and historical city of Mashhad is among the most influential areas in the region in terms of archeology, tourism, historical monuments and religiosity due to holding the shrine of Imam Reza (P.B.U.H), the people’s interest to the household of the holy prophet, 12 century of Islamic-Iranian architecture and the birth place of a great number of luminaries in the field of religion, science and literature.

Mashhad with an area about 328 square kilometers and 3 million inhabitants is the 2nd and largest and most-populated city in Iran after the capital, Tehran, and among the largest cities within the Islamic world. The city annually hosts around 21 million local and 2 million foreign visitors.

Since old times Mashhad has been the host city for visitors and tourists from different religions and sects, and an outstanding birthplace for prominent scholars and scientists spreading the Islamic culture, knowledge and civilization, and a place for proximity of different cultures and religions. It is hoped that the city will continue to serve as a hub for cultural industry, and Islamic tourism, a health and medical tourism center as well as a place for production and development of humanities.

Citizens and authorities in the city of Mashhad will take this opportunity to demonstrate the current values within the historical experience of the city to the world and will try properly host guests from Islamic communities, through all-inclusive rich cultural activities and turn to be a sustainable example for other cultural capitals.

The city benefits of appropriate infrastructure in terms of accommodation, market, services and industry, universities, research centers, administrative and law enforcement institutions, holds the potential to host the event.

Activities to be implemented in Mashhad: some studies and surveys have already been conducted by academic elites, scholars and researchers to benefit of the opportunity, and a supreme council of policy-making has been formed, chaired by the minister of culture and represented by the heads of national and provincial departments, elites and academics. A coordination and planning board, chaired by the Governor General, has also been established to implement the resolutions adopted by the supreme council and meet the objectives of what is known as ” Mashhad 2017 charter’.

The objectives are listed as follows:

Highlighting the urban capacities (promotion of making use of environmental, physical and grass-root capacities)
Creation of identity and symbols (unification of identity through visual symbols and through coordinated mottos and programs).
Urban demonstration (making use of international media capacities)
Conceptual sustainability (provision of a sustainable example for the concept of Islamic culture capital).

Fundamental values

Mashhad is famous of the shrine of Ali-ibn-Mosa Alreza (P.B.U.H); thus it should be ornamented to the noble Razavi characteristics derived from historical experience resulted from His virtues.

Kindness: host to the visitors and tourists and spread of charity.

Science: honored by the presence of scholars and scientists in a variety of educational and research institutions.

Dialog: A Place for coexistence of variety of ethnic groups, ideas and cultures.

Literature:Singing about some outstanding literary luminaries including Ferdowsi and the cradle of Khorasani style in Persian literature.

Art: pioneer in plastic arts, calligraphy and architecture and religious or ceremonial songs.

Worship and visiting: the place for the largest shrine of one of the members of the Prophets household and variety of mosques.

Interested in the holy Quran and friendship with the household of the Great prophet: holding outstanding stand in Quranic arts and knowledge and the place for demonstration of friendship and favor towards the household of the prophet (P.B.U.H).

Networking: the focal point for connection of Persian language speakers and a place for narration of the glory of history. Art and mysticism of the grand Khorasan.
History creating: pioneer in historical and revolutionary unification and liberation actions.

Objectives and strategies:

1-2) Objective: Mashhad 2017 pursues one major objective which is realign the mental image of Mashhad and introducing the city to the world.

Charter of Mashhad, Islamic culture capital for the year 2017

Introduction: Mashhad is the resting place of Imam Ali Ibn Mosa Reza (P.B.U.H), heir of Grand Khorasan, the treasure house of cultural works and luminaries of Toos region and civilization hub in Khorasan and its surrounding lands. Thus, the city is a combination of spirituality and life. This glorious city has been chosen by ISESCO as the Islamic Culture Capital for the Asian Region in the Islamic world for the year 2017.

The cultural capital of the Islamic world

Mashhad has since long time ago been the host city of visitors and tourists from variety of religions and sects, it has been pioneer and prominent in growing up scholars and intellectuals, spreading the Islamic knowledge and Shiaat school of thought. It has been a place for coexistence of religions and sects and the focal point for influential historical and revolutionary events.

In a view to the country’s future vision, Mashhad will turn into a cultural industry, Islamic tourism and a global destination for tourism and health as well as a center for production of humanities, thus to deserve to hold the title for the future to come.
Citizens and authorities in Mashhad will indeed take the year 2017 as an opportunity for displaying the current values in historical background of the city to the world community. They will do their best to properly host all people from around the world and particularly our brothers and sisters from Islamic communities, through conducting all-inclusive and rich cultural plans and programs and set the city as a sustainable paradigm for other cultural capitals in the Islamic world.