ISESCO denounces Ali Khamenei’s allegations against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Rabat : 07/09/2016

ISESCO denounces Ali Khamenei’s allegations against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) denounced as false and offensive the allegations made by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Khamenei, against the people and government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using indecent words unworthy of a religious leader supposed to be versed in the values ​​of Islam and in its teachings, which forbid indecency and evil, and call for justice in words and deeds.

ISESCO said that the Iranian government had decided not to send pilgrims this year, after having refused to pledge not to provoke disorder and unrest during the Hajj under pretexts having nothing to do with this major ritual, thus insisting on imposing unacceptable impossible conditions, which testifies to their determination, as in previous Hajj seasons, to politicize the Hajj and saw confusion among the pilgrims.

ISESCO expressed astonishment at the persistence of Iranian officials to breach the Hajj regulations observed by all the countries of the Islamic world, the aim being to preserve the safety of the pilgrims and to ensure the best conditions for them to perform this holy rite in security and serenity. In the same vein, ISESCO casted the Iranian policy in this regard as contrary to the words of Allah as He says “For Hajj are the months well known. If anyone undertakes that duty therein, Let there be no obscenity, nor wickedness, nor wrangling in the Hajj.”

In the mean time, ISESCO commended the great efforts, huge projects and large and large-scale preparations carried out by the KSA to serve the pilgrims and secure the best conditions of comfort and security for them to perform the Hajj ritual as enjoined by Allah and explained by His Messenger (p.p.b.u.h), underscoring the Member States’ respect for the Kingdom and their appreciation of its care of the Two Holy Mosques, pilgrims and Umrah performers from all over the world.