ISESCO Director General at a coordination meeting at UNESCO, Paris: ISESCO-UNESCO cooperation’s rising trend shapes future prospects


Paris 09/11/2015

ISESCO Director General at a coordination meeting at UNESCO, Paris: ISESCO-UNESCO cooperation’s rising trend shapes future prospects

The Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, from the rostrum of UNESCO in Paris, declared that attacking peoples and violating their legitimate rights were totally unacceptable by virtue of international laws, and that the defamation and misrepresentation of religions also constituted a flagrant violation of international law.

In his opening address to the 11th Coordination Meeting of the Heads of ISESCO Member States’ Delegations taking part in the 38th General Conference of UNESCO, held at the headquarters of the international Organization in Paris today, he said that the main objective of such coordination meetings organized at UNESCO headquarters was to strengthen cooperation between ISESCO and UNESCO in all areas pertaining to comprehensive sustainable development in the Islamic world, and favoring stronger capabilities of the member States in the areas falling within the scope of their respective mandates.

He explained that ISESCO’s achievements and gains were the result of its sustained efforts and the support of its Member States, noting that ISESCO’s cooperation with international organizations, and UNESCO in particular, remains one of the Organization’s many sources of strength, which include, inter alia, its exposure to modern leading experiences, and its action plans’ sensitivity to the latest developments in the spheres of education, science, culture and communication.

In this connection, he emphasized that the outcome of cooperation between ISESCO and UNESCO had always been marked by its steady growing trend in terms of quantity and quality. This multifaceted success, he added, was the main factor which shaped the strategic choices and the future prospects for cooperation between ISESCO and UNESCO for the years 2016-2018, to be examined by the meeting, and which ISESCO was seeking to make a high-value gain for joint action with its partners.

In his address, the Director General pointed out that the report on the excavations carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities in Al-Quds Al-Sharif, which was placed on the meeting’s agenda, was a document of particular importance in such difficult times marked by the brutal Israeli onslaught on the Palestinian people who were standing up for their legitimate right to establish their independent State and live in peace with the countries of the region. This evidence-supported report, Dr Altwaijri explained, records the acts of hostility being carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities beneath and around Al-Aqsa Mosque, in flagrant violation of international law, and the resolutions of UNESCO General Conference.

The Director General seized this opportunity to hail ISESCO/UNESCO cooperation, which he deemed a shining model of international cooperation between two organizations with common interests and concerns to achieve their noble goals, on the basis of the principles and objectives enshrined in their respective charters.