Tashkent: Capital of Islamic Culture for Asian Region

ISESCO in the Tashkent International Fair

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -ISESCO- is taking part in the Tashkent International Tourism Fair, which is held in Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan), from 17 to 18 October, under the slogan “tourism through the silk road”.

This fair will be attended by a host of personalities, and representatives of many Arab, Islamic and international organizations, as well as companies and specialized agencies from all over the world.

It is worth noting that ISESCO opened its programme on celebrating Tashkent as capital of Islamic Culture for 2007 for the Asian region, on 14 August, in the presence of a host of politicians, men of thought, science and culture from different regions of the world, as well as officials representing Arab, Islamic and international organizations.

ISESCO will be represented in this event by Dr Abbass Sadri, Director of ISESCO regional office in Tehran, who will give a paper on ISESCO’s programme in the fields of cultural tourism and cultural diversity in Islamic world.

ISESCO Medals offered to officials in Tashkent Capital of Islamic Culture

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -ISESCO- offered ISESCO Medal to a number of officials in the Republic of Uzbekistan on the occasion of the launch of celebrations of Tashkent as the 2007 Capital of Islamic Culture for the Asian region.

Dr. Mustapha Ahmed Ali, Specialist at the Culture and Communication Directorate of ISESCO, presented on behalf of the Director General, ISESCO Medal to Mr. Kurbonov Rustam Javdatovich, Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Adukhor Takhtaev, Tashkent City Hokim, Mr. Shawkat Salhun, Chairman of the Academy of Arts, Mr. Zahidallah Munawarov, Chairman of the Republican National Spiritual Centre of Imam Al Bukhari, and Mr. Othman Khan Alimov, Mufti of the Republic and Head of the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan.

International Conference in Tashkent on the Islamic Civilization in Uzbekistan

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-ISESCO- will take part in the “International Conference on Uzbekistan’s Contribution to Islamic Civilization” to be held these 14-15 August by the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the capital Tashkent, as part of ISESCO’s programme dedicated to the celebration of the city as 2007 Islamic Culture Capital for the Asian region.

The research and working papers to be presented by a spectrum of scholars and intellectuals participating in the conference will tackle the following issues: Islam in the medieval ages and the scientific legacy of prominent Muslim scholars; the evolution of science, handicrafts and arts during the Islamic renaissance and the Timurian era; the emergence of scientific centres in the medieval ages; and Islamic architecture features in Samarkand, Bukhara, Qarshi, Khiva, Tashkent et Margilan.

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization will be represented in this event by Dr Mustapha Ahmed Ali, expert at the Culture and Communication Directorate, who will present, on this occasion, a working paper on the role of ISESCO in the preservation of Islamic heritage and culture.