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Catalytic co-pyrolysis of 50% blends of lignite and pistachio seed was carried out at 550°C in the absence and presence of a catalyst (Criterion 424) in a well swept fixed-bed reactor. The heating rate effect on product distribution of co-pyrolysis was investigated under the blending ratio of 50(wt.) %. In the range of the experimental conditions investigated the yield of the product is proportional to the heating rate. On the other hand, the catalyst ratio on pyrolytic oil yield and characteristics were investigated. The purposes of this work were to study the cracking and desulphurization ability of NiMo catalyst in co-pyrolysis. The results showed that a 5(wt.) % catalyst had both good cracking and desulphurization abilities. The pyrolytic oil obtained from the catalyst had lower polar and sulphur contents than non-catalyst pyrolytic oil. It was mainly composed of large amounts of saturated hydrocarbons and mono-aromatics.

Keywords: Catalytic Pyrolysis, Co-pyrolysis, Lignite, Pistachio Seed.