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In this study, effect of different high-boiling-organic solvent (ethanolamine, diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol) pre-treatments on the chemical composition and enzymatic saccharification of hazelnut shells was investigated. Results showed that, ethanolamine was the most effective solvent for lignin removal (72% at 150°C), followed by diethylene glycol (35%) and ethylene glycol (30%). The temperature effect with ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol pre-treatment on lignin removal was higher than that of ethanolamine. Cellulose digestion varied between 32% and 57%. The maximum glucose recovery (378.61 mg glucose/g non-pre-treated cellulose) was obtained when hazelnut shells were pre-treated at 150°C for 60 minutes (min) with ethylene glycol solvent. Thus, ethylene glycol pre-treatment can be applied for efficient enzymatic hydrolysis of hazelnut shells for ethanol production.

Keywords: Hazelnut shells, Organic solvents, Pre-treatment.