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In this study, the effect of hydrogen peroxide concentration (0%-1.25% and 2.5%) combined with 1% NaOH and temperature (30°C, 45°C and 60°C) on the composition of pre-treated sunflower stalks and fermentable sugars after enzymatic hydrolysis was investigated. Cellulose content ranged from 39.50% to 45.46%, and it increased by 15% after pre-treatment with 1.25% H2O2 +1% NaOH mixture compared to that obtained with 1% NaOH pre-treatment. For cellulose content, the addition of H2O2 in the 1% NaOH solution resulted in a decrease of almost 40% in lignin content. Total reduced sugar in pre-treated biomass increased by 39% when the H2O2 concentration increased from 0% H2O2+1% NaOH to 2.5% H2O2+1% NaOH. Glucose recovery (g glucose/100 g initial cellulose) was maximum (63%) in the solid pre-treated with 1.25% H2O2+1% NaOH at 45°C for 6 hours (h).

Keywords: Hydrogen, Cellulose.