ISESCO JOURNAL of Science and Technology
The Official Journal of ISESCO Centre for Promotion of Scientific Research

ISESCO Journal of Science and Technology-Volume 11 / Number 20

  • Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heater
    P. Saini *, D. Bhanja **, S. Nath ** and A. Biswas **
    *RIMT Institutes, Mandi, Gobindgarh, Punjab
    ** Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Silchar, Assam,
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  • Pressure Contour and Velocity Vector Analysis of a Two-Bucket Savonius Wind Turbine using Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Rajat Gupta(1), Ranjan Das(2), Siddhartha Sankar Deka(3)and Rituraj Gautam(4)
    (1) Director, National Institute of Technology, Srinagar, India
    (2) Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, India
    (3,4) Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Silchar, India
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  • Energy Choice to Support Carbon Dioxide Reduction Case study: Indonesia
    Herliyani Suharta(*), Arnold Soetrisnanto(**) and and Arie Rahmadi(*)
    (*) Energy Technology Center, Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology, Kawasan PUSPIPTEK, Serpong, Tangerang Selatan, 15314, Indonesia.
    (**) National Research Council, Rep. of Indonesia
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  • Determining total solar fraction and solar fraction for north wall of different-shaped greenhouses using Auto–CAD software
    Hassan GhasemiMobtaker(1), YahyaAjabshirchi(1), SeyedFaramarzRanjbar(2), Mansour Matloobi(3)and CyrusAmini(2)
    (1) Department of Biosystems Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran.
    (2) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
    (3) Department of Horticultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
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  • Nutritive Values and Chemical Composition of Foliages, Grass and Herbs using in vitro Technique
    MJ Uddin, ZH Khandaker(1)and MJ Khan(1)
    Department of Animal Nutrition, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet, Bangladesh
    (2)Department of Animal Nutrition, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
    *Corresponding author’s email: :
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  • Future diesel demand in Cameroon
    Jean Gaston Tamba(1*), Jean Luc Nsouandele(2), Francis Djanna Koffi(1)and HFlavian Emmanuel Sapnken(3)
    (1) Department of Thermal and Energy Engineering, Institute of Technology, University of Douala, PO Box 8698, Douala, Cameroon
    (2) Department of Renewable Energy, Higher Institute of the Sahel, University of Maroua, PO Box 46, Maroua, Cameroon
    (3) Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Yaoundé I, PO Box 812, Yaoundé, Cameroon
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  • Fatalities from Road Accidents in selected LGAs in Lagos State: A Comparative Trend Approach
    Ayodeji Adekunle Ayo(*), M. Ikegwu Emmanuel(*), A. Fadiji Ademola(*)and Lucas B.Ojo(**)
    (*) Department of Statistics, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos
    (**) School of Technical Education, Yaba College of Technology,Yaba, Lagos in affiliation with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
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