ISESCO JOURNAL of Science and Technology
The Official Journal of ISESCO Centre for Promotion of Scientific Research

ISESCO Journal of Science and Technology-Volume 9 / Number 15

  • Effect of Double Glazing on the Thermal Performances of a Solar Still Coupled to a Condenser
    BENHAMMOU Mohammed1, DRAOUI Belkacem2
    1) Unité de Recherche en Energies Renouvelables en Milieu Saharien, B.P. 478, Route de Reggane- Adrar, Algérie, Tel: 213 049 96 51 68
    2) Laboratoire d'Energétique en Zones Arides, Université de Béchar, Algérie
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  • Optimization of New Fuzzy Logic Controller by Genetic Algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic System
    Alireza Rezaei and S. Asghar Gholamian
    Babol University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Babol, Iran
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  • Promotion and Use of Improved Cook Stoves in the Conservation of Biomass Resources and Biomass Briquettes from Solid Wastes in the Gambia
    Department of Physics, University of the Gambia, The Gambia, West Africa
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  • Analysis of the Serological Reactivity and Haplotypes of HLA-B*37:02 Allele
    Ahmed Salman*, Dawn Thomas**, Alan Smerglia**, Gary Teresi**, John McMichael** and Medhat Askar**
    *Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
    **Allogen Laboratories, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA
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  • Anti-hyperglycemic and Anti-nephropathic Effects of Woodfordia Fruticosa Linn. in Alloxan-induced Diabetic Rats
    Qamar Abbas 1 and Irfan Zia Qureshi 2
    1Laboratory of Animal and Human Physiology,
    2Associate Professor, Laboratory of Animal and Human Physiology & Chairman, Department of Animal Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University 45320, Islamabad, Pakistan
    Tel : +9251-90643013
    Fax : +9251-2601176
    *E-mail :
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  • Valve with Variable Inherent Characteristics
    Nazih N. Bayomi 1,2 , Rafea M. Abdel-Maksoud 2 , Mohamed A. Nawar 2 , and Hasim A. Heikal 2
    1EProfessor, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    2Mech. Power Eng. Dept., Mataria, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
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  • Effect of Litter Composition from Selected Three Pruning on Growth and Development of Pepper (Capsicum annum)
    Adekola, O. Fatimo and Usman. A.S.
    Department of Agronomy, University of Ilorin, P.M.B. 1515, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria
    E-mail : fatimoadekola@
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  • Broiler Response to Growth Promoter and Potential to Reserve Meat Nutrients
    M. Jasim Uddin, M.Y. Miah1,A. Ara2and M.J. Alam3
    Department of Animal Nutrition, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet, Bangladesh
    1 Department of Poultry Science, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet
    2 Department of Dairy Science, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet
    3 Department of Livestock Services, Dhaka
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  • Investigation of Hydrogeological Characteristics of Ardabil Plain Aquifer, Northwest of Iran
    Mehdi Kord1,Asghar Asghari Moghaddam1,Mohammad Nakhaeei2
    1Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Natural Science, University of Tabriz, Iran
    2Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences, Kharazmi University, Iran

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  • Cooperative Scheduling in an Agro-Food Production under Machine Availability Constraints
    Hmida Hmaied 1 , Tangour Fatma 2
    Laboratoire de Recherche en Automatique (LARA),
    (1) Ecole N ationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis (ENIT),
    (2) Institut National des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie (INSAT),
    Tunis, Tunisia
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    E-mail(2) :
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  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Pollutants in Two Contrastive Industrial Areas in Lagos - State, Southwestern - Nigeria
    Ojiodu, C.C.1, Okuo, J.M2 and Olumayede, E.G.3
    1Department of Chemical Sciences, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba - Lagos, Nigeria
    2Department of Chemistry, University of Benin, Edo- state, Nigeria
    3Department of Chemical Sciences, Ondo State University of Science and Technology, Ondo state, Niger ia
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  • Women Empowerment and Gender Equity for Poverty Reduction in Adamawa State, Nigeria
    1Adewuyi Kolawole Adekunle and 2 Hayatu Yusuf
    1Lecturer; Department of Agricultural Technology Federal Polytechnic, Mubi. Adamawa State, Nigeria
    2Lecturer; Department of Agricultural Extension, College of Agriculture, Adamawa State, Nigeria
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