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S olar distillation is one of the simplest and most important processes of separation. However, the productivity is very low. In this study, a solar distiller was coupled with a heat pump to augment the dis tilled water productivity. This system was modeled and simulated. Initially, we have developed a computer code which allows to obtain the temperatures and con densation rate of these distillers. The performance has been evaluated by comparison with the performance of the conventional still under the same weather conditions. The results show that the solar still coupled to a heat pump had more than 75% higher productivity in com parison with the conven tional solar still. The in fluence of many parame ters was studied to define the optimal operating con ditions for the solar distil ler. The thicknesses of basin water and insulation have a significant effect on the productivity of the solar still. A good agreement had been achieved with experimental results.

Keywords: Compression Heat pump, Modeled, Perfor- mance, Simulated. Solar Still.