Financial Regulations of the FUIW


In these regulations, it is meant by :
  • The Federation : the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World -FUIW.
  • The Member Universities : the Member Universities of FUIW
  • The Charter : the Charter of the Federation.
  • The General Conference : the General Conference of the Federation.
  • The Executive Council : the Executive Council of the Federation.
  • The Secretary General : the Secretary General of the Federation.
  • The Action Plan : the general three-year Action Plan of the Federation.
  • The Budget : The financial programme for the implementation of the Action Plan.
  • The financial year : the period from 1st January to 31st December.


Laying down the Budget

Article 1 :

The budget is the three-year financial programme of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, called FUIW. It shall be drawn up in three annual sections for the implementation of the items of the budget adopted by the General Conference.

Article 2 :

The budget shall include all expenditures and receipts related to the various activities of the Federation.
As regards expenditure, budget estimates shall be set in the light of the needs to be fulfilled within the framework of those activities.
As regards receipts, the budget shall show all expected income.

Article 3 :

In laying down the budget, due account shall be taken of the administrative structures of the Federation and of the specific nature of its programmes.

Article 4 :

Budget estimates shall be apportioned into entries, headings, articles, items and, if necessary, sub-items.

Article 5 :

Receipt and expenditure estimates shall be in US dollars.

Article 6 :

In addition to receipts, expenditures and any related annexes and explanatory documents, the budget shall include an explanatory memorandum which may be presented by the Secretary General with regard to collection of Member Universities' contributions and, if necessary, the reasons which may have prevented the implementation of the plan of action.

Article 7 :

The Secretary General shall draw up the draft budget and submit it to the Executive Council for consideration, before referring it to the General Conference for adoption.

Article 8 :

Following consideration of the draft budget by the Executive Council, the Secretary General shall send it out to Member Universities two months before the meeting of the General Conference, along with the supporting documents and the relevant analytical studies.



Article 9 :

The budget shall be financed from:
  • the contributions of Member Universities;
  • the available funds proceeding from transfer of the credit balance of the previous financial year;
  • subsidies, grants, investments, real estate, donations and endowments (waqf) from institutions or individuals, provided their objectives are consonant with those of the Federation.
Donations for no specific purposes shall be deposited in an account called "Account of Miscellaneous Receipts".

Article 10 :

When a new University joins the Federation after commencement of the financial year, it shall pay its full contribution for that financial year. This contribution shall be deposited in the "Account of Miscellaneous Receipts".


Special Accounts

Article 11 :

A reserve account whose capital and financing means shall be determined by the General Conference, may be opened so as to enable the Secretary General to use the necessary funds for expenditures which fall due before the collection of the contributions of Member Universities.
In this case, the funds withdrawn shall be considered as a loan which will be paid back into the reserve account when the Account of Miscellaneous Receipts has been replenished with available funds.

Article 12 :

Subject to the approval of the Executive Council, the Secretary General may suggest to the General Conference that funds specifically aimed at financing particular projects be set up.

Article 13 :

The Account of Miscellaneous Receipts, the reserve accounts and the funds for specific projects shall be managed according to the provisions of the present Financial Regulations.



Article 14 :

The expenditures of the Federation shall be governed by the provisions of Article 14 of the Charter.


Execution of the Budget

Article 15 :

Upon its adoption by the General Conference, the budget shall come into force, with backdated effect if necessary, for a period of three consecutive years. Each year shall start on the 1st of January and end on the 31st of December.

Article 16 :

Should the General Conference fail to adopt the budget before the beginning of the new three-year period, the Secretary General shall issue instructions for expenditures to be made within the limit of 3/12 of budget appropriations for the previous financial year (except for the amounts due for payment) until adoption of the budget by the Executive Council, prior to its adoption by the General Conference at its following meeting. The said meeting shall take place at the end of March of the first year of the new three-year period, at the latest. The following three-year budget shall be backdated to the 1st of January, in accordance with Article 12 of the Charter.

Article 17 :

Upon its adoption, the budget shall be notified to Member Universities in detail, along with the contributions that Member Universities must settle within three months from the notification date.

Article 18 :

Adoption of the budget by the General Conference shall empower the Secretary General to use the allocated credits for the achievement of the objectives and programmes approved by the General Conference.


Role of the Secretary General

Article 19 :

The Secretary General shall take the necessary measures for the purpose of book-keeping and preparing the annual accounts, showing: - expenditures and receipts, whatever their source; - situation of approved credits; - assets and liabilities.
The Secretary General shall submit the annual report on the budget to the Executive Council for consideration at the second Council session following the end of the financial year.

Article 20 :

There shall be no transfer of credits from one entry to another, or from one heading to another, nor any overspending of the credits allocated to any entry or heading, nor any expenditures incurred outside budget appropriations, except with the consent of the Executive Council and the subsequent approval of the General Conference.
However, the Secretary General may, should the need arise, transfer credits within the same heading:

  • from one article to another, up to 25% of the funds available;
  • from one item to another, without any set limitation.
This transfer shall not, however, exceed the general framework nor the objectives of the Plan of Action adopted by the General Conference.
The Executive Council shall be informed of the transfer at the first meeting following the transfer decision.

Article 21 :

Subject to the approval of the Executive Council, the Secretary General may undertake the following within the framework of the provisions of the Charter and the Plan of Action :
  • incur loans in the name of the Federation;
  • conclude financial liability contracts which would necessitate the incurring of expenditures after the end of the financial period.

Article 22 :

Subject to the approval of the Executive Council, the Secretary General may postpone or suspend the implementation of any item of the budget if he sees that it would be difficult to fully implement it financially.
The credits concerned shall be frozen and the relevant reasons shall be listed in a memorandum to be presented to the General Conference in due time. Those reasons shall also be included in the memorandum on the closing accounts of the year for which the credits were allocated.


Closing Accounts

Article 23 :

The Secretary General shall prepare an annual report on the closing accounts, showing the receipts and expenditures of the financial year concerned and illustrating the financial situation of FUIW.
The closing accounts, together with the decisions of the Executive Council, shall be submitted to the General Conference along with the report of the Secretary General on the implementation of the budget.


General Provisions

Article 24 :

The present Regulations shall come into force upon their approval by the Executive Council and their adoption by the General Conference.

Article 25 :

The General Conference may amend these Regulations in accordance with the Charter.