ISESCO Deputy Director General participates in launch ceremony of Mashahd’s celebration as Asian Region’s Islamic Culture Capital for 2017


ISESCO Deputy Director General participates in launch ceremony of Mashahd’s celebration as Asian Region’s Islamic Culture Capital for 2017

The Deputy Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Dr Amina Al-Hajri, today morning, in Mashhad, Islamic Republic of Iran, participated in the ceremony marking the launch of Mashhad’s celebration as the Asian region’s Islamic Culture Capital for 2017. The ceremony was presided over by Dr Reza Salehi Amiri, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and attended by the governor of Razavi Khorasan Province, a number of ministers, members of the Iranian parliament, the ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions accredited to Tehran and as well as a host of religious personalities, intellectuals and media professionals.

On this occasion, Dr Amina Al-Hajri gave an address in which she pointed out that “ISESCO Programme of Capitals of Islamic Culture” has laid down strict criteria for the selection of Islamic culture capitals from among the cities of Member States. A capital of Islamic Culture, she explained, must primarily be of documented historical authenticity, have an outstanding contribution to knowledge and learning that singles it out in the country and the region, a significant input in Islamic culture, and human culture in general. “It is also required to have historical and civilizational monuments, and cultural and artistic institutions actively involved in the cultural life through the organization of cultural festivals, book fairs, art exhibitions, theatrical productions, literary and artistic contests, and cultural forums of wide renown and strong impact”, she added.

ISESCO Deputy Director General also stressed that Mashhad meets all these requirements considering that it witnessed major progress during the Islamic era and under the successive dynasties having taking on the mantle of its rule, leading to a remarkable progress in different fields, especially in culture. This progress, she said, has increased its role in education, culture, science, literature, knowledge, art and human welfare, as well as its Islamic spiritual role, which remains of continuing influence on the evolution and progress of human culture.

By the same token, Dr Al-Hajri emphasized that thanks to the cultural skills and expertise Mashhad has accumulated over the years, this celebration will surely be very special at all levels, and the Islamic world will look at this wonderful city, as the Capital of Islamic Culture, with utter appreciation. She further pointed out that Mashhad is able, with its special historic cultural background, to mark cultural history and rise to greater heights to cultural innovation.