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Call for papers in “ISESCO Journal of Science and Technology”

Dear Sir/Madam,

The ISESCO Center for Promotion of Scientific Research -ICPSR- a specialized organ of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -ISESCO- presents its compliments to the Presidents, Rectors of the Universities, Deans of Faculties, Directors of Research Centers, and is pleased to announce the Call for papers in the fields of: Biotechnology, Agriculture, Information Technology, GIS and Remote Sensing, Water Management, Medicine and Pharmaceuticals, New and Renewable Energies, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development.

Researchers (senior professors, young scientists, engineers, graduate students…) are kindly requested to submit their English papers and studies for publication (free of charge) in the forthcoming issue of the ISESCO Journal of Science and Technology, a peer-reviewed journal published biannually (in May and November). They have to specify in which field they categorize their paper. We will inform authors about the decision of their paper within 8 weeks from submission. Following acceptance, their paper will normally be published in the next issue of the Journal.

«ISESCO Journal of Science and Technology», is an online, open access and international journal. The electronic version is available on ICPSR website:

Necessary instructions for authors are available on the following link :

The ISESCO Center for Promotion of Scientific Research ICPSR avails itself of this opportunity to express to you its appreciation and gratitude.

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