ISESCO JOURNAL of Science and Technology
The Official Journal of ISESCO Centre for Promotion of Scientific Research

ISESCO Journal of Science and Technology-Volume 9 / Number 16

  • Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Solar Still Coupled to a Capillary Film Distiller
    Mohammed Mustapha Belhadj#1, Hamza Bouguettaia2*, Yacine Marif#, Moussa Zerrouki#, Djamel Bechki*, Mohammed Benhammou#
    #Unité de Recherche en Energies Renouvelables en Milieu Saharien Adrar (URER'MS).
    *Laboratoire de développement des énergies nouvelles et renouvelables dans les zones arides Ouargla (LENERZA), Algeria
    E-mail : (1)
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  • Impact of Gaseous Emissions from ‘E’ Flow Station on Oguta Lake and its Associated Tributaries, Niger Delta Basin, South Eastern Nigeria
    Cosmas A. Ahiarakwem
    Department of Geosciences, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria
    Tel : +234-080-33738340
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  • Modeling of a Seawater Desalination Unit with a Solar Membrane in Transient Performance
    Manel Ben Romdhane1, Nader Frikha2 and Slimane Gabsi3
    1Department of Chemical Engineering Processes, ENIG, Zrig 6029, Gabès, Tunisia
    2Research Unit: Environment, Catalysis & Analysis Processes National Engineering School of Gabès, Omar ElKhattab Street- 6029 Gabès, Tunisia
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  • Estimation of the Global Solar Radiation under Sudan-Type Tropical Climate Using Artificial Neural Network Model
    Koumi Ngoh Simon1,3*, Ayina Ohandja L.M.2, Monkam Louis1, Kemajou Alexis3
    1Department of Thermal Engineering and Energy, University Institute of Technology PO Box 8698 Douala, Cameroon
    2Department of Civil Engineering, University Institute of Technology, PO Box 8698 Douala, Cameroon
    3Energy Laboratory, Doctoral Training Unit in Physics and Engineering Sciences
    E-mail :
    Tel: 0023796123570
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  • Effect of Solvents on the Dipole Moments and Fluorescence Quantum Yield of Rhodamine Dyes
    1Nathera A. A. Al-Tememee, 1*Salwan K. J. Al-Ani and 2Ahsan A. AbdAlfahdaw
    1Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
    2Department of Physics, College of Science, Al-Anbar University, Al-Anbar, Iraq
    *E-mail :
    Corresponding author* : P.O. Box 25777, Doha, Qatar
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  • Total, Beam and Diffuse Solar Radiation Studies for Rohri, Sindh
    Sidra Afzal Shaikh1, M. Akhlaque Ahmed2, M. Wasim Akhtar3
    1Electronics Engineering and (2)Department of Physics, Basic and Applied Science, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan
    2Usman Institute of Technology, Karachi, Pakistan
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  • Thermal Performance of Internal and External Wall Insulation in Existing Buildings in the South of Algeria
    Y. Marif, M. Ben Hammou, M. Zerrouki and M. Belhadj
    Research Unit on Renewable Energies in Saharan Environment (URERMS) Development Centre on Renewable Energies (CDER), 0100, Adrar, Algeria
    E-mail :
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  • Review of Simulation and Optimization of Autonomous and Grid-Connected Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems as Micro-grids
    Mohammad Mohammadi
    Young Researches Club, Borujerd Branch, Islamic Azad University, Borujerd, Iran
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  • Some Aspects of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs)- A Review
    1Animesh Ghosh, 2Rajat Gupta, 3Abhijit Sinha, 4Agnimitra Biswas, 5K.K. Sharma
    1Assistant professor, Mechanical Engg. Deptt, Dumkal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Murshidabad-742406, West Bengal, India,
    2Director, N.I.T, Srinagar, J&K, India,
    3Reserach scholar, Mechanical Engg. Deptt, N.I.T Silchar, Assam, India
    4Assistant professor, Mechanical Engg. Deptt, N.I.T Silchar, Assam, India
    5Associate professor, Mechanical Engg. Deptt, N.I.T Silchar, Assam, India
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  • Speech Recognition by Support Vector Machines
    Karima Seghaier and Zied Lachiri
    Department of Physics and Instrumentation National Insitute of Applied Sciences and Technology - Tunis (INSAT)
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  • Survival of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) in Soil under Pesticide Stress
    Nazia. S. Sultan1, Bharti S. Raipat2 and M. P. Sinha3
    1Centre for Biotechnology, Marwari College, Ranchi – 834 001, Jharkhand, India
    2Department of Zoology, St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi - 834 001, Jharkhand, India
    3P.G. Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi - 834 008, Jharkhand, India
    E-mail :
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  • A Portable Manual Charkha Based Power Generation System for Rural Areas
    Mohd Tariq1,*, Khyzer Shamsi2, Tabrez Akhtar3
    1Founder & Ex Chairperson, IEEE Student Branch, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India
    2Protection design engineer, Al Jazirah Engineers and consultants, Al-khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    3Assistant Manager, Delhi Metro Rail
    Corporation Ltd., Delhi, India
    E-mail* :
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