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Solar distillation is one of the simplest and most significant processes of separation. A solar distiller of new design was built by the coupling of two combined devices: a conventional solar distiller with only one slope facing south, and what is known as a distiller with capillary film (or DIFICAP). It consists of a parallelepipedic compartment formed by two opposite plates drawn aside from a distance of 0.038m. This guarantees the advantage of re-using the condensation latent heat to evaporate another quantity of water. We have developed a digital code that makes it possible to obtain the temperature values and condensation rate of this device. The present work provides a comparative study between the theoretical results and those measured in experiments. Numerically, we found a very important rate of condensation, reaching 8.94 Kg/m2/d and coming close to that obtained in the experiments, on a sunny day (corresponding to 06/8/2007); and with a solar radiation of 20.7 MJ/m2/d.

Keywords: Capillary Film Distiller, Modeling, Solar energy, Solar distillation, Simulation.